UpsteadForever trends ahead of Chicago P.D. finale

Hailey Upton PD FInale
Tracy Spiridakos as Detective Hailey Upton on the Chicago P.D. cast during Season 10. Pic credit: Lori Allen/NBCUniversal

Chicago P.D. fans have UpsteadForever trending on Twitter ahead of the season finale.

Upstead is the couple name for detectives Jay Halstead and Hailey Upton.

And for a while, it has been used to reference the characters on social media.

On the show, actress Tracy Spiridakos plays Upton. Jesse Lee Soffer appeared as Halstead until the character re-enlisted in the Army early in Season 10.

Upton and Halstead started as partners in the Intelligence Unit but struck up a relationship and got married.

Even though Halstead has been off-screen for most of Season 10, he is still technically married to Upton.

The UpsteadForever hashtag

Many Chicago P.D. fans have hoped that actor Jesse Lee Soffer would return to the show. The team hasn’t been the same after Halstead’s departure, and hope of a return has been kept alive by the viewers.

The writers also left the door open for Jesse to return to the show, with his character simply doing other things for the time being.

Whether or not rumors have surfaced about a possible return, devoted fans continue to use the UpsteadForever hashtag on social media. Accompanying the hashtags are usually images or video clips of the couple from an episode.

And whether or not there is truth to rumors about a reference to or appearance by Halstead on the season finale, chatter among fans has caused the hashtag to trend online.

In the post below, a fan notes that they miss seeing Upton and Halstead together.

A Twitter user named Sarah constructed a new collage of the couple for the day the Season 10 finale will air on NBC.

This next GIF shows Upton taking care of Halstead after he got injured on the job.

Yes, Chicago P.D. fans have noticed the show and the couple’s nickname trending on social media.

A big finale for Chicago P.D.

Season 10 has been building to the March 24 episode of Chicago P.D.

Most second-half episodes have focused on the Becks and the case that Officer Adam Ruzek has been working on.

In the TV promo for the Chicago P.D. finale, a massive explosion is shown going off right as members of Intelligence arrive.

Many rumors are posted online about who gets caught in the explosion, including some assumptions that it is Hank Voight (played by Jason Beghe).

This is the last episode before the summer hiatus begins, and it might be the last new episode for a long time.

The new season of Chicago P.D. may get postponed due to what is happening with the Writers Strike.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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