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TWD: Did Siddiq die in The Walking Dead comic books?

TWD: Did Siddiq die in The Walking Dead comic books?
Siddiq on The Walking Dead died tonight. Pic credit: Jace Downs/AMC

Tonight on The Walking Dead, yet another shocking death occurred as Dante killed Siddiq at the end of the episode.

This murder came after Siddiq realized that Dante is a member of The Whisperers sent into Alexandria as a spy to poison their water supply.

The death was shocking since he was the father of Rosita’s child. It also completely makes Carl’s sacrifice and death meaningless since he died to save Siddiq’s life.

However, what about the comic book version of Siddiq? Remember, Carl Grimes lived in the comics, but did Siddiq?

Did Siddiq die in Walking Dead comics?

One parallel to The Walking Dead storyline and the comic books is that Siddiq, and not Eugene, was the father of Rosita’s baby.

However, that is where things changed.

See, when The Whisperers attacked Alexandria, a pregnant Rosita was one of the heads on the pikes. The TV show switched Rosita out with Tara, something they do with other characters as well.

For example, Carol died in the comics early on, going crazy in the prison. However, Andrea lived on and became a strong and determined fighter, a role they switched in the series.

Another example is obviously Carl dying on the TV show, while he lived to the end in the comic books.

Siddiq also lived in the comic books to the end.

When the survivors in Alexandria prepared to battle The Whisperers, Siddiq was on the front lines. He even went to discover the Commonwealth, which is expected to be the next big storyline for The Walking Dead on television.

For those who don’t the read comics, The Walking Dead ended with Rick Grimes’ death and then moved ahead 20-25 years to show Carl married with a child of his own. He was telling his child the story of his father.

Maybe Judith will take that role with Carl dead. However, there is no telling who will step into the important role that Siddiq had, as he never died in the comics either, up to the very end.

The Walking Dead airs on Sundays at 10/9c on AMC.

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