Today’s Savannah Guthrie urged by fans to stop using filters so ‘true beauty’ can shine

savannah guthrie on nbc today episode
Some of Savannah Guthrie’s fans called out her use of filters in a new video. Pic credit: NBC

According to some of her fans, Savannah Guthrie doesn’t need to keep using filters for her video appearances.

The Today star has been active on social media to promote her upcoming book, Mostly What God Does.

Recently, she hosted Instagram Live sessions with fans to discuss the book, pre-orders, and her book tour, which will visit various cities over the next few months.

Savannah appeared in a red button-up top with several gold necklaces visible. The video was framed by various pink and red hearts ahead of Valentine’s Day and appeared to include a filter over Savannah’s face.

“Hi everyone. I tried earlier today to do my second Instagram Live, and it was a complete and total technical fail,” she shared at the start of her latest IG video.

She mentioned she had been on the way to the dentist and felt it would be efficient to do the IG Live then, but it didn’t work out.

Savannah talked about her ‘complete and total’ fail on IG Live

During her video, Savannah Guthrie revealed she decided to go live on the platform every Tuesday until the release of her book since she’s now “learned how” to use IG Live.

“I guess I didn’t learn that great because that earlier one did not work,” she said, adding that her book will officially be published in three weeks.

She discussed that the book features reflections on faith and life that are “super personal.”

Fans called out Savannah’s use of filters for looking ‘fake’

Savannah’s latest video had plenty of fans showing support for the upcoming book and mentioning they’d pre-ordered copies.

However, several critical comments also mentioned the Today star’s use of filters in her video.

“Turn off the filter, Savannah. You are beautiful and it hurts the rest of us,” one commenter wrote.

Another agreed, replying, “You don’t need filters! It looks so fake!”

instagram comments screenshot shows fans telling savannah guthrie to turn off filters
Pic credit: @savannahguthrie/Instagram

Another commenter mentioned Savannah looked “very pretty” and “didn’t need to put a filter on.”

Some praised her for staying in touch with fans using Instagram Live sessions.

screenshot shows critical fans of savannah guthrie comments on her ig live
Pic credit: @savannahguthrie/Instagram

The Today star didn’t address any specific remarks on her Instagram post but Liked multiple comments that expressed excitement about her upcoming book. Mostly What God Does will be officially released on February 20 through various platforms, inclu ding Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Target.

Savannah says several book tour dates sold out

Savannah revealed a story about her vision and recent dentist’s appointment at one point. She told fans she was “rambling” in the video as she wanted to discuss the upcoming book and tour dates.

Savannah mentioned that several of the book tour dates are sold out, but there is still availability for several of them. Those include appearances moderated by her Today co-stars Carson Daly and Hoda Kotb, as well as former Good Morning America anchor Paula Faris.

Savannah’s appearance with guest moderator Hillary Scott in Nashville, Tennesse, on Saturday, February 17e, is sold out. Her appearance with guest moderator Jenna Bush Hager at Good Shepherd New Yor on Wednesday, March 6, is also sold out.

Details about her upcoming tour dates and how to attend are available through publisher Thomas Nelson’s website.

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