Today’s Savannah Guthrie shares Paris travel plans with co-host: ‘We deserve it’

savannah guthrie from nbc today
Savannah Guthrie appears during Today segment. Pic credit: NBC

Savannah Guthrie shared her excitement for an upcoming Paris trip related to a special assignment with her co-host.

The Today star recently appeared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon and her NBC co-host Hoda Kotb.

During their appearance, Savannah spoke about her new book, which has topped several bestseller lists.

Jimmy also mentioned how busy Hoda and Savannah are, having worked at the Today Show earlier that day before appearing as guests on his Tonight Show.

Savannah also mentioned she would be working more that night with NBC’s Super Tuesday coverage for the presidential primary elections.

And while the duo appears regularly on NBC’s Today in New York City, they were excited about leaving the United States for France this summer.

Savannah shares why she and Hoda ‘deserve’ fun with upcoming trip

During Jimmy’s show, he mentioned that Hoda and Savannah would travel to France to cover this year’s Summer Olympics.

“The big deal here at NBC is the Summer Olympics. You’re going to Paris,” Jimmy said.

“We are so pumped!” Hoda replied, and Savannah said it would be “Today on Rose [wine] all day.”

“No, I’m not kidding. Do we not feel like we deserve it?” Savannah said to Hoda, adding, “Because we had Tokyo in the pandemic and then Beijing in the pandemic. So it’s like the universe has given us Paris.”

The 2024 Summer Olympics will occur in Paris from Friday, July 26, through Sunday, August 11, and will be covered on NBC.

Jimmy indicated it would be “a party,” as Hoda added, “the Olympics are going to be incredible.”

The Today star said the United States would “dominate” in gymnastics as Simone Biles would be back.

“This is going to be Simone’s chapter. Like I feel she’s gonna be incredible,” Hoda said.

Savannah called Hoda the “unofficial den master” at the Olympics since “she cheers for them so hard.”

Hoda said Savannah was ‘one of best interviews’ she’s had for podcast

The Olympics and Super Tuesday weren’t the only reasons for Savannah and Hoda’s Tonight Show appearance. The duo also recently released new books.

Jimmy revealed Hoda released the children’s book Hope Is a Rainbow on Tuesday, March 5. Savannah released her spiritual autobiography, Mostly What God Does, on February 20.

While speaking to Jimmy, Hoda brought up Savannah’s book and shared that she was the “Number one guest” on her podcast.

“I had Savannah on for her book…and it was one of the best conversations we’ve ever had. And this is a podcast where I’ve gotten to interview all kinds of incredible people. I know Savannah like the back of my hand, but I didn’t realize how much more there was,” she gushed.

“And that ‘more’ is in that book,” she told Jimmy and Tonight Show viewers.

Savannah’s Mostly What God Does has already reached the top spot on the New York Times Bestseller list for Advice, How-to & Miscellaneous.

In addition, she reached No. 1 on several Amazon bestseller lists for books, including Journalist Biographies and Christian Personal Growth.

Hoda is also enjoying some early success with Hope Is a Rainbow. As of this report, her new children’s book was No. 1 on Amazon in the Children’s New Experiences Books category.

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