Today’s Savannah Guthrie and former co-host Matt Lauer ‘hugged it out’

Savannah Guthrie on the red carpet
Savannah Guthrie “hugged it out” with Matt Lauer after six years. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

It seems that, along with it being the most wonderful time of year, it’s also the season of forgiveness for some.

Over the weekend, Savannah Guthrie and her former Today co-host, Matt Lauer, reunited at a wedding for a longtime morning show producer.

They haven’t spoken since Matt’s scandal rocked the NBC show, with Savannah being adamant that she wouldn’t be in the same room as him.

Matt was fired from the Today Show in November 2017 after allegations of sexual misconduct in the workplace arose. At that point, Savannah and Matt had become close after working together for five years.

Savannah took Matt’s termination hard, and she was the one who revealed the news on-air as it happened.

However, it seems like it may be water under the bridge after a weekend moment shared between the former friends.

Savannah Guthrie and Matt Lauer ‘hug it out’

Over the weekend, longtime Today producer Jennifer Long was married.

The guest list was filled with familiar faces, including former co-hosts Savannah Guthrie and Matt Lauer. Also in attendance were T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach, another set of cohosts plagued by scandal.

It is the first time the two have been seen publicly at the same event, and it seemingly was one of healing.

According to TMZ, Savannah approached Matt before the ceremony. The two hugged, and she kissed him on the cheek as they chatted for a few minutes before she walked away.

Savannah attended the event with her husband, Mike Feldman, and Matt was there with his girlfriend, Shamin Abas.

Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb are morning magic

Following Matt Lauer’s termination in December 2017, Hoda Kotb filled his chair with Savannah Guthrie.

The women have been co-hosting Today ever since, making morning magic together.

Savannah and Hoda have worked together for over five years, which is how long her working relationship with Matt Lauer lasted.

And Hoda was in attendance at the wedding, too.

Even though she was greatly affected by Matt’s scandal and the swift action taken by the morning show, things are going great for Savannah now.

The Today team is close, and it seems that things have changed despite the tension and hard feelings that were present six years ago. It won’t be the same, but moving on seems to be the goal.

Things were said to be chill and low-key at the wedding, without any tensions left among the guests.

The Today Show airs weekdays on NBC.

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