Today Show anchors tease Al Roker as he complained about his biggest airline pet peeves

Al Roker arrives at the Hallmark Channel And Hallmark Movies And Mysteries Summer 2019 TCA Press Tour Event held at a Private Residence
Al Roker has some pet peeves about flying and Today Show anchors think it’s funny. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Al Roker proved to be a bit of a boomer recently on the Today Show when he started to rant about his biggest airline pet peeves.

It turns out he’s very old school with certain things, and he likes to keep up appearances when he’s out and about.

That shouldn’t surprise anyone, as Al is often seen looking quite dapper.

Not just when he’s delivering the weather forecast on Today Show, but he thinks it’s necessary to dress up when flying the friendly skies.

What Al doesn’t like is how casual those around him have become, often choosing to stay comfortable for their flights in sweatpants and other cozy gear.

And when he said that out loud on air, the Today Show co-hosts couldn’t help but have a bit of fun.

Al Roker goes off about airline fashion

It’s holiday time, and many people are flying right now. That makes it a great time for a conversation about what is and is not appropriate while taking flight.

On Wednesday morning, that was the topic on the Today Show, and Al Roker has big feelings about what people should wear when catching a flight.

It all started when Al began his rant about what “drives me nuts” when it comes to flying. His first gripe is about the people who get on their speaker phones to announce that the plane has landed.

The Today co-anchors mostly agreed on airplane photo etiquette, but it was Al’s next complaint that got him laughed at.

Al Roker thinks it’s important to dress nicely for airplane rides, and it’s reminiscent of the past, when people dressed up for nearly every public encounter, including trips to department stores.

He seems a bit formal — in that sense — but gave some leeway, saying that passengers could get cozy for overnight trips. But if it was a short flight or happening during the day, Al thought people should care more about their appearance.

That had the day’s co-anchors — Craig Melvin, Sheinelle Jones, and Dylan Dreyer — in stitches.

Sheinelle told Al, “You act like everyone is on an overnight trip.”

The anchors snickered and talked about Al “dressing up” for flights, which had the famous weatherman visibly flustered.

“I’m not talking about ‘dressing up,'” Al clapped back.

It seems he was the only one taking part in the conversation who wasn’t okay with other passengers wearing whatever they wanted during their flight.

Al Roker is headed to Broadway

Al Roker won’t need to worry about any flights when he heads to Broadway for a new gig. After all, Today Show also films in New York City.

All revealed last week that he landed a role on Broadway in Gutenberg! The Musical! as a Famous Broadway Producer.

He’s appearing in the show alongside Josh Gad and Andrew Rannels and seems pretty excited to be a part of the production.

The show closes on January 28, so Today Show fans who want to see Al Roker in action better hurry and get their tickets.

Today airs weekdays on NBC.

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