This Is Us spoilers: Kevin and Randall have the talk viewers have waited for

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Randall and Kevin have the talk that will either repair or destroy their relationship on This Is Us. Pic credit: NBC

Fans of This Is Us have waited almost an entire season for the characters of Kevin and Randall (Sterling K. Brown and Justin Hartley) to have a talk necessary to mend their fractured relationship.

The brothers have been skirting around an issue that divided their close clan since their blowout fight at the close of Season 4.

During that titular moment, Kevin and Randall said some horrible things to one another, releasing their true feelings that were bottled up for years.

The episode, titled Strangers: Part Two, brought the Pearson clan together for baby Jack’s first birthday — and the simmering tensions between the brothers came to a boil as fans watched intently.

The two clashed over how to best care for their mother, Rebecca (Mandy Moore) who was just experiencing symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Randall desperately wanted her to participate in a clinical trial in St. Louis for nine months. Kevin wanted to respect her wishes to spend time with her family instead before the disease took hold of her mind.

Randall told Kevin that their father, Jack (Milo Ventimiglia), died ashamed of him, that he was selfish, and his interest in Rebecca was nothing more than another performance. Kevin spat back that the day that Jack died wasn’t the worst thing that happened to him. It was the day their parents adopted Randall.

While the brothers have since moved forward in their lives since that day, they have never addressed the elephant in the room. Fortunately for This is Us fans, tonight is the night.

This is what we know

People Magazine reported that in the episode Brotherly Love. the two will address their problems head-on when Kevin visits Randall’s family home in Philadelphia.

“Look, I just feel like it would be easy to start catching up, you know, and fall back into our rhythm without actually talking. And I don’t want this to get away from me. Randall, there’s some things I need to say to you,” Kevin will tell Randall.

“Here we go,” the brothers will say at the start of their difficult conversation.

This is Us episode titled Brotherly Love
This Is Us’ latest episode Brotherly Love will also reflect on Kevin and Randall’s relationship as teenagers. (l-r) Logan Shroyer as Kevin, Niles Fitch as Randall. Pic credit: NBC

Viewers will also get to see the history of their relationship, specifically their journey as teens, throughout the episode.

Fans of This Is Us can’t wait to watch this week’s episode

Justin Hartley and Sterling K.
Justin Hartley and Sterling K. Brown face off as Kevin and Randall for the talk fans have waited for on This Is Us. Pic credit: NBC

Fans cannot wait to see how the brothers reach deep into their hearts to attempt to mend their relationship.

“Definitely. Can’t wait. This is Us storylines teach us lessons. It’s my therapy too,” wrote one fan.

This is Us fans comment on Twitter.
This Is Us fans share their hopes for tonight’s titular episode on Twitter. Pic credit: Twitter

“If you ruin Madison’s happiness I will riot,” claimed a second fan.

‘I am so ready for this episode! Can’t wait to cry my eyes out!” penned a third Twitter user.

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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