This Is Us fans call out series for unpredictable programming schedule

Cast of NBC's This Is Us.
The cast of NBC’s This Is Us includes Susan Kelechi Watson, Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, Chrissy Metz, Justin Hartley, Chris Sullivan, and Sterling K. Brown. Pic credit: NBC/Maarten de Boer

Fans of This Is Us called out the series for its erratic programming schedule in the comments section of a new Instagram post.

The show has taken several lengthy breaks in its scheduled list of shows due to filming restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The result appears to have frustrated fans who are constantly on the lookout as to when new episodes of the NBC series will air.

Season 5 of This Is Us premiered on NBC in late October of 2020, weeks later than its normal September start date due to filming beginning later because of the pandemic.

The season began with the Big Three, Kevin, Kate, and Randall as they celebrated their 40th birthdays and how the milestone impacted the trio.

The series aired three consecutive episodes in November before breaking for a winter hiatus until January. Two new episodes aired before the show broke for three weeks until the second week of February.

Only two episodes aired that month, the same amount in March. This totals to 11 episodes so far since Season 5’s debut.

Fans vent their frustration

In the comments section of a new Instagram post where the show teased its newest episode, which will air April 6, titled Both Things Can Be True, fans vented their frustration.

fan comments this is us.
Fans reacted to This Is Us taking many breaks throughout Season 5 in the comments section of an Instagram post. Pic credit: Instagram/This Is Us

“There are too many breaks. NBC This Is Us is taking viewers for granted. You have a quality show- hands down, but people lose interest. There are other equally and better quality shows that can/will pull your audience. I’m curious about your ratings. Have they declined since you started spacing out episodes?” wrote one disgruntled fan.

“No more breaks please NBC This Is Us. Last week I was about the watch new episode and then i realized there is no new episode,” penned a second viewer.

A fan showed their displeasure with the current air schedule of This Is Us.
Fans continue to share their displeasure about the show’s current air schedule on Instagram Pic credit: Instagram/This Is Us

“Is it finally on? Getting mad with all the repeats,” wrote a third Instagram user.

What fans can expect from tonight’s episode

Thankfully, fans can expect even more drama moving forward during tonight’s episode titled Both Things Can Be True.

Co-workers Jack and Miguel will continue to bond. New parents Kevin and Madison navigate some difficult challenges; Randall will seek out a new kind of support network. Beth and Tess navigate her new relationship with Alex. Tess will interpret her mother walking into her room as an intrusion, and it will drive a wedge between mother and daughter.

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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