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This Is Us spoilers: Jack proposes to Rebecca with a little help from Miguel

This Is Us stars Milo Ventimiglia.
Jack will enlist his best friend Miguel to help propose to Rebecca on the newest episode of This Is Us. Pic credit: NBC

This is Us will raise the bar to a whole other level of irony when Miguel (Jon Huertas) helps his best friend Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) propose to his girlfriend Rebecca (Mandy Moore) in the episode Both Things Can Be True.

As fans know, Rebecca and Miguel will marry later in their lives after Jack’s death.

A clip from tonight’s episode, posted by E! Entertainment, shows Miguel reassuring Jack that his plan to recreate his and Rebecca’s first date is a great one, regardless of the fact that Rebecca’s dad refuses to call him back. 

“I got the hot chocolate. I got the corn syrup for the candy apples, and I got every box of string lights they had at the hardware store,” Miguel says in the video.

“Can you look at this? Did I get these letters even?” Jack asks his pal of the sign he painted.

“You spelled carnival wrong,” said Miguel to a clearly panicked Jack. He then responded, “It looks great man.”

Miguel and Jack’s brotherly relationship

Jon Huertas plays Miguel on This Is Us.
Miguel will help Jack create a romantic place to propose to Rebecca on This Is Us. Pic credit: NBC

“Great is not good enough Miguel. I need this proposal to be perfect,” Jack said.

“Dude, you ever get a hold of Rebecca’s dad?” questioned Miguel. Jack said no and told his pal that he even left a message for Mr. Malone’s secretary to call him back as he was looking for his blessing on their marriage.

Jack then said that Rebecca’s dad probably still thinks of him as a drunken kid who can’t hit a golf ball to save his life.

Miguel responded, “well you can’t hit a golf ball.”

Miguel would continue to be a presence in Jack’s life throughout his marriage to Rebecca and up until his death.

How did Miguel and Rebecca reconnect?

It was Halloween 2008 and Randall’s first daughter Tess was about to be born. Rebecca helped Beth get things ready for their new arrival and asked her son to set up Facebook for her so she could see and share photos of her new grandchild.

Rebecca was lonely and felt that Facebook would be a way to connect with others.

Rebecca posted a photo of Tess on her social media page and received a congratulatory message from their old friend Miguel. “Congrats on your first grandchild!” he said.

While the show has not yet explored just how a need to speak to an old and dear friend turned to marriage, it appears that Miguel and Rebecca’s coupling grew out of a need for companionship and probably a deep familiarity with each other. 

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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