This Is Us Season 5 premiere shocker: Randall’s mother is alive but is she still well?

Sterling K. Brown as Randall on This Is Us.
Randall doesn’t know his biological mom is still alive but he is still questioning how his story came about. Pic credit: NBC

Buzz abounds among This Is Us fans. A lot of this is happening due to the shocking Season 5 premiere ending revealing that Randall’s(Sterling K. Brown) biological mother survived an overdose not long after his birth, even though she had already been pronounced dead.

Just as the episode was about to end and the credits were rolling, Laurel (Jennifer C. Jones) was about to expire from a heroin fix. Then, just as first responders were about to give up trying to save her, the new mother suddenly gasped, causing viewers to do the same. She lived!

However, William (Jermel Nakia) was not around for that earth-shattering moment. Thinking his baby’s mom had passed away, taking into consideration that he had been the one to give her the heroin, and believing that children’s services were going to take the baby, he made a big decision. He anonymously delivered the newborn to the nearest police station.

This seminal moment caused this child to have a far different life from the one to which he was born.

The shocking This Is Us premiere reveal spawned viewer theories

Because of the shocking This Is Us twist, numerous theories exploded on social media about Laurel as her life continued without William and her baby.

These theories about Laurel’s role in the show moving forward have been hitting social media at a rapid rate.

Among the most far-fetched, but very popular ideas, is that Randall will once again be reunited with his biological mom.

Many think she will turn out to be his new therapist.

This concept probably came about because of another matter revealed during the last few moments of the Season 5 premiere.

That’s when the only black member of the Big Three decided to opt-out of his relationship with his current therapist — a proactive white doctor played by Pamela Adlon. Instead, he decided he would hire a therapist who is black like him.

After he emotionally took down Kate (Chrissy Metz) because she never took into consideration the problems he encountered as a black boy living in a white family’s world, Randall called Dr. Leigh. He did so while he headed back home from the family cabin on his 40th birthday.

Randall decided to “make a change” on the This Is Us premiere

During that call, Randall let his longtime therapist know that he was in search of  “something different” and that is was “gonna make a change.”

But is that change going to mean his actual mother will turn out to be the person who will help him figure out how to deal with his demons?

The answer from the This Is Us writer’s official Twitter account is a resounding no.

“(His mom) is not going to end up as Randall’s therapist,” the show’s scribes tweeted.

So who will take that role? And, arguably more provocative, what will become of his biological mother Laurel in the present day on This Is Us?

Stay tuned.

This Is Us airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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