This Is Us recap: Jaw-dropping moments from mid-season premiere Light and Shadows

This Is Us returns with several jaw-dropping moments.
Randall and Miguel come to an understanding over taking care of Rebecca. Pic credit: NBC

The mid-season premiere of This is Us had some jaw-dropping moments that answered some questions and set up new storylines. Light and Shadows left fans shaking their heads when it was over.

Here is a recap  from This Is Us Season 4, Episode 10.

Kevin is Lizzie’s celebrity hall pass

Kevin (Justin Hartley) is desperate to have a family. After hiring a matchmaker that failed miserably to find him someone, he turned his love life over to the universe.

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Enter Lizzie (Sophia Bush). They lock eyes across a coffee shop and end up spending the day together, even though Lizzie is only in Los Angeles for a conference. She lives in Chicago and is leaving the next day.

They have such a deep connection that Kevin pulls a Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) sized romantic gesture. He gets John Legend to play a private concert for him and Lizzie at the Hollywood Bowl.

It is the perfect day. Kevin is smitten with Lizzie. He thinks they could have something special until Lizzie drops the bomb she is married, and Kevin is her celebrity hall pass. She runs out, leaving him shocked and alone.

Toby opens up Kate

Kate (Chrissy Metz) confronts Toby (Chris Sullivan) regarding the CrossFit group text and Kara. He admits he was venting but promises his wife there is no reason for her to worry.

However, Toby continues to spend more time at the gym than with Kate and baby Jack. For his birthday, Kate plans a surprise party for her husband and invites all his CrossFit buddies to help mend their relationship. She feels that if she befriends his gym buddies, it will bring her and Toby closer.

Kate is surprised to learn from one of Toby’s buddies that Toby switched gyms two weeks ago. After spending the entire party shooting daggers at each other, Toby admits to Kate that Kara tried to kiss him, so he switched gyms.

Kara’s attempted kiss is not the only thing Toby was hiding. He finally admits to Kate he can’t look at Jack without feeling sad about all the things the baby won’t be able to do because he is blind. She is horrified at his admission.

Later Jack is staring at the lights Kate hung for the party and she realizes he can see the light. Kate and Toby share a moment of pure joy with baby Jack as he reaches for the lights.

Jack and Rebecca declare their love thanks to her mom

In the past, Jack continues to have financial trouble, making him realize he will never be good enough for Rebecca (Mandy Moore), just like her dad said. Jack decides to break up with Rebecca.

She attends her father’s birthday party but is visibly upset over Jack ending their relationship. When Rebecca tells her mom that she is in love with Jack, Janet (Elizabeth Perkins) tells her daughter that enduring love is about having a dependable partner.

It is one of the reasons Janet loves Rebecca’s Dad, and why they did not feel Jack was right for their daughter. Jack does not have a dependable career at that scared Janet.

The talk does nothing to lift Rebecca’s spirits. Until her mother tells her, it is Rebecca’s life, and she should do what she wants. Janet then lets Rebecca know about her father’s talk with Jack on the golf course.

Before Rebecca makes her choice, Janet gives her one last piece of advice. If she is going to choose a dark man like Jack, Rebecca needs to make sure it is a “great love story — one for the ages.”

The words were what she needed to hear. Rebecca heads to the mechanic shop where Jack works. She tells Jack she loves him. Jack says it back to her. It is the moment they accept their love and start their lives together.

Miguel and Randall spare over Rebecca

Randall (Sterling K. Brown) obsesses over finding out what is wrong with his mother. His persistence gets Rebecca an appointment with a top-notch doctor in Los Angeles. Randall, of course, is there for the testing.

As Randall and Miguel (Jon Huertas) wait while Rebecca is undergoing tests, they have a tense moment. Miguel finally stands up for himself to one of the Pearson children.

He is bugged Randall is taking charge of Rebecca’s life. The two men exchange some heated words. Miguel tells Randall to stop being so “Randall,” while Randall blasts Miguel for not seeing something was wrong with Rebecca.

The test results show Rebecca has mild cognitive impairment, but a blood test and an MRI are needed before a more specific diagnosis can be made. Randall and Miguel realize Rebecca is going to need both of them. They hug it out and agree to take it all one step at a time.

Kevin and Kate are clueless Rebecca had tests done. She swears Randall and Miguel to secrecy.


After Lizzie duped Kevin, he heads off to work on reshoots for his M. Night Shyamalan movie. He rants to a crew member about his disastrous love-life as he walks to set. Kevin hands the crew member his phone, so he won’t be distracted while working.

The second Kevin walks away, his phone rings, and it is revealed Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge) is the caller. Kevin has been unlucky in love since ending his relationship with Sophie twice.

Is theirs a great love story for the ages like Jack and Rebecca? All roads tend to lead back to Sophie for Kevin.

The ending

Randall goes home to Philadelphia. The house is quiet when he enters, so Randall heads upstairs to check on all his girls and kiss a sleeping Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson). She briefly wakes up to say hello to her husband, who tells her he is going downstairs to get a glass of water.

Once downstairs, Randall encounters an intruder in a hoodie who is armed with a gun. The episode ends with Randall breathing heavily in fear. He stands still as the intruder and Randall both register each other’s presence with dark shadows bearing down on both of them.

This is Us airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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