This Is Us finale: Adelaide Kane joins cast as Hailey, a new Pearson family member

Haley on This Is Us is played by Adelaide Kane.
This Is Us added Adelaide Kane to its talented list of stars in the finale. Pic credit: NBC

Adelaide Kane debuted as Hailey on This Is Us — a new Pearson family member — in the Season 4 finale. It was an episode that introduced viewers to a few new characters that all have a connection to the family.

Strangers Part Two was the title of the final episode and was a bookend to the Season 4 premiere. Strangers kicked off the season by introducing several new characters that all ended up having a pivotal connection to the Pearsons.

Who is Hailey?

When viewers were first introduced to Hailey, she was working at an art gallery. The brunette beauty has caught the eye of one of her coworkers. Zach asks her out, but she politely declines. He thinks it is because she is involved with a mystery man — perhaps a movie star.

Hailey is all business, ignoring all of Zach’s theories regarding her love life. When she suddenly gets a call and rushes out of the gallery, Zach assumes it is to meet a man. He is partly right. Hailey rushes to the hospital in time to meet her new niece.

It turns out Hailey is Jack Damon’s (Blake Stadnik) sister. The revelation comes at the same time that Toby (Chris Sullivan) and Kate (Chrissy Metz) decide to adopt a child so baby Jack can grow up with a sibling.

The future timeline had solely focused on Jack and his wife Lucy (Auden Thornton). Hailey adds another layer to that time period.

Why does Adelaide Kane look familiar?

If the actress who plays Hailey looks familiar, well, there is a good reason for that. Adelaide is an Australian actress with several acting credits under her belt. She got her start on the Australian soap opera, Neighbours, at the age of 17, after being discovered at a talent completion sponsored by the magazine, Dolly.

Adelaide kicked off her career in her homeland, but she has quickly become a rising star in the United States. She is best known for her role on The CW show, Reign, as Mary Queen of Scotts. The actress was brought in for Season 7 of ABC’s Once Upon A Time, where she played Rapunzel’s daughter Drizella.

Horror films and holiday flicks are two other genres on Adelaide’s resume. She starred in the feature film, The Purge. The actress is also considered one of Hallmark Channel’s leading Christmas ladies since appearing in the original movie, A Midnight Kiss.

One day before Adelaide Kane made her This Is Us debut as Hailey Damon, it was announced that she will star in the feature film, Cosmic Sin. She will join Bruce Willis, Luke Wilson, and Frank Grillo in the movie, which has postponed production due to the coronavirus outbreak.

This Is Us will return for Season 5 in Fall 2020 on NBC.

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