Sadie on This Is Us: Who is the girl with the horse?

Sadie the horse girl is a new fan favorite on This Is Us
This is Us introduced Sadie in the finale and fans adore the little girl. Pic credit: NBC

The adorable red-headed girl named Sadie (Glory Joy Rose) on This Is Us has fans wanting to know more about the girl with the horse. She was introduced during the Season 4 finale of the hit NBC show, which threw a lot of information at die-hard viewers.

Strangers Part Two introduced fans to several new characters that are somehow connected to the Pearson family. The episode also featured the return of fan-favorite Dr. Katowski, a.k.a. Dr. K (Gerald McRaney), who is always full of sage advice for Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore)

Who is Sadie the horse girl?

When the NBC drama began, viewers watched a man on a ranch trying to wrangle what he thought was a lemon of a horse. Soon his adorable red-headed daughter Sadie showed up to teach her father a valuable lesson.

The little girl is a horse whiz, which is why viewers have dubbed her “horse girl.” Sadie not only bonded with the animal, but she schooled her dad on how to train the horse properly.

“You’re asking him to be still when all he wants to do is run. Little early to give up on him, don’t you think?” she asks her father.

He can’t argue with his daughter. The proud papa gives Sadie and smile before heading off to work.

How is Sadie connected to the Pearson family?

Sadie was only featured in the scenes with her father. However, the connection between the young girl and the Pearson family is explained in the last part of the episode.

It turns out Sadie’s dad is Dr. Eli Mason (Josh Hamilton), and his patient is Madison (Caitlin Thompson). Yes, Madison is Kevin’s (Justin Hartley) baby mama. Dr. Mason uses his daughters’ words of wisdom to convince Madison to tell Kevin she is pregnant.

At this point, it is unclear how Sadie will fit, into the storyline. Show creator Dan Fogelman did reveal introducing Dr. Mason was done in a particular context.

“Josh is a favorite actor of mine. The doctor becomes an important character next season to Kevin – he’s having twins with a virtual stranger, not a normal birth experience. It’s no coincidence he was introduced in the same episode that Dr. K returned,” Dan shared with Deadline after the finale aired.

If Dr. Mason is involved in Madison and Kevin’s storyline, then it is safe to say that is how his daughter will be connected to the Pearson family. Dan did not share if or when Sadie would be returning next season.

Fans have fallen in love with Sadie on This Is Us. The little girl was only onscreen for a couple of minutes, but viewers can’t wait to see more of Sadie and her portrayer, Glory.

This Is Us will return for Season 5 in Fall 2020 on NBC.

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