The Walking Dead teaser: Who is Gamma working for in Whisperers War?

Birch As Gamma
Thora Birch plays Gamma on The Walking Dead cast. Pic credit: AMC

A teaser for The Walking Dead was released by AMC ahead of the winter premiere. In the early footage, fans get a taste of what’s to come in the back end of Season 10.

As seen in the image above, actress Thora Birch is back as a disheveled Gamma, raising questions about exactly who she is working for during the upcoming episodes.

When Gamma first appeared in Season 10a, the character seemed very close to becoming the right-hand person for Alpha. While Beta had been given that role, Alpha was showing a new trust in Gamma.

When Gamma sacrificed her sister to save Alpha, it gained her even more favor with the leader of the Whisperers. But, when Gamma learned that her sister’s baby had been saved by the “good guys,” did her allegiances shift?

As seen in the teaser below for The Walking Dead, Gamma may be helping the survivors deal with the threat of the Whisperers. She may also be continuing to carry out a mission of leading them into a trap.

Take a look at the new footage from AMC and form your own opinion on what Gamma is up to.

The Walking Dead Season 10b

There is a lot to unpack from this new footage. It has been presented as a way to create more buzz for the show, especially since it returns with new episodes in less than a month.

A lot of ground is still to be covered in the final eight episodes of Season 10, including who survives the ordeal in the cave. Just from the teaser footage alone, it seems like a lot of people are still at risk of dying.

Gamma has the opportunity to either become a huge hero or villain this season. Is she also the traitor that Negan is referring to when he is shown speaking to Alpha? Will he use that as a way to get closer to Alpha and possibly kill her to send the Whisperers into disarray?


Final TWD scenes for Michonne

It’s almost time for Michonne to leave the show. For readers who may not have heard that news yet, actress Danai Gurira is leaving The Walking Dead. It means that during the back end of Season 10, Michonne will have her final scenes.

It’s quite possible that the quick view of Michonne in the teaser will be one of her final moments. This makes it unclear if the footage shared is just for Season 10, Episode 9, or if it is from several episodes that haven’t aired yet. We are going to guess that this is combined footage to create buzz.

Take some time to re-watch Season 10a episodes, as it is almost time for the show to return, and then the race to the season finale begins. We should also soon start seeing hints from AMC about when Michonne’s final episode will air.

The Walking Dead will air on AMC at 9/8c on Sunday nights for Season 10b.

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