The Walking Dead Season 11: Production officially underway according to Cailey Fleming

Key artwork for Season 10C of AMC's The Walking Dead
Key artwork for Season 10C of The Walking Dead. Pic credit: AMC

Filming has officially begun on the final season of AMC’s The Walking Dead. This is according to Cailey Fleming, who plays the adorable — but lethal — Judith Grimes.

Cailey posted the news to her official Instagram account. The Walking Dead’s official Twitter account then later shared one of the images, further validating the claim.

Cailey Fleming shared an image with a fellow co-star from The Walking Dead

The petite star of The Walking Dead shared two images to her Instagram account. The first showed her standing in front of a car. Inside was fellow cast member, Cooper Andrews, who plays the lovable Jerry.

Cooper is sitting in the front seat, the window partially wound down. He is smiling at the camera as he makes the peace sign with his fingers.

Cailey also smiled for the camera as she noted that they were “reunited and it feels so good” before tagging Cooper in the snap.

A second shot was also shared showing a welcome pack that included a tin of tea and some Georgia peach cookies. Filming for The Walking Dead occurs in the state of Georgia, hence the selection of local goodies.

A short letter was also included in which AMC confirmed that they had sent the package to Cailey.

“Welcome back to Atlanta and the official start of production on your final season!” the note read.

“We are so proud to be on this journey with you and look forward to this being the most memorable season yet.”

Upcoming details about Season 11 of The Walking Dead

Little has been released regarding the storyline for Season 11 of The Walking Dead. In addition, earlier information may have also been mixed in with the fact that AMC is releasing the third installment to the 10th season. Season 10C will air on February 28 and contains six additional episodes.

However, there are some details that can be gleaned.

While the Season 10B finale saw the death of Beta (Ryan Hurst), who headed the Whisperers after the death of their leader, Alpha (Samantha Morton), there will still be conflict arising because of this group. Some stragglers have apparently survived the onslaught and appear intent on continuing on with their leader’s wishes.

Khary Payton as Ezekiel, Josh McDermitt as Dr Eugene Porter, Paola Lazaro as Princess, as seen in Episode 16 of AMC's The Walking Dead Season 10
Khary Payton as Ezekiel, Josh McDermitt as Dr Eugene Porter, Paola Lazaro as Princess, as seen in The Season 10B finale of The Walking Dead. Pic credit: AMC/Jackson Lee Davis

In addition to this, Eugene (Josh McDermitt) has also made contact with a secretive group. In Episode 16 of Season 10B, Eugene’s group was taken captive by some soldiers that may be from this group. Because of this, it seems likely that this storyline will continue in Season 11.

Considering this incident in the comic book series leads to the introduction of the Commonwealth, it seems likely this will also happen in Season 11 of The Walking Dead.

In addition, Maggie (Lauren Cohan) has also been off with another group for several years. This may — or may not — be the same community.

When will Season 11 of The Walking Dead air?

As to when Season 11 will premiere, it is unclear. Usually, AMC airs the first half of each new season in October, then the remaining eight episodes around March of the following year. With the current coronavirus pandemic causing delays, a release date for Season 11 has not yet been finalized.

However, in the original press release from AMC that confirmed Season 11 would be the last, they stated that the final installment would be “an expanded two-year eleventh season that will span 24 episodes.” These episodes will run through until late in 2022, indicating that viewers might get to watch the first half sometime in 2021.

The Walking Dead Season 10C will return on February 28 on AMC.

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amthony Loveless
amthony Loveless
3 years ago

Still not sure why walking dead is ending…I think I speak for…three other people that have grown quite fond of the show…what else do you have to do…there’s a pandemic for crying out loud…you all gonna go and…lock down…make these show’s into more season’s…beside’s..walker’s can’t eat if they have no job’s…