The Voice: Part three of the season 16 battle rounds

The Voice: Part three of the season 16 battle rounds
Kayslin Victoria and Oliv Blue perform on The Voice. Pic credit: NBC

As the battle rounds grow closer to the end, the judges have harder and harder choices to make. This Tuesday on The Voice, we watched three duos sing during their battles, each giving their all.

Despite all three delivering wonderful performances, we know not all of them will continue to the next round. Each judge is carefully building their team and carefully choosing when to use their steals.

Patrick McAloon and Andrew Jannakos sing Tom Petty’s Free Fallin’

Adam Levine was given an extremely hard decision tonight when he had to choose between Patrick McAloon and Andrew Jannakos. The two showcased their large voices and wide range, surprising all of the judges.

Adam Levine didn’t receive any help in making his decision as all of the judges thought both singers did a great job.

Despite the difficult choice, Andrew Jannakos’s improvement won Levine over during the battle rounds. However, it was apparent that everyone loved Patrick McAloon too.

Many fans are hoping to see some music from McAloon in the future, regardless of his future on The Voice.

Selkii and Cecily Hennigan perform Avril Lavigne’s Head Over Water

The two powerful singers on Blake Shelton’s team performed an extremely moving version of Head Over Water during the battle rounds.

The two women showcased extremely powerful voices while performing a song that was a little different from what they were both used to.

Although Cecily Hennigan was extremely impressive during the blind auditions and already made headlines with her drive-thru performance, Selkii has more experience.

Selkii’s sound and talent had Blake Shelton leaning in her direction. Cecily Hennigan is extremely talented, but won’t be winning The Voice this year.

Kayslin Victoria and Oliv Blu cover Location

John Legend’s first season on The Voice has been impressive already, with all three of the other judges using their blocks on him in the blind auditions due to his popularity. Kayslin Victoria and Oliv Blu were great additions to his team, bringing both pop and vocal talent to Team John.

The duo performed Khalid’s song Location. Khalid was John Legend’s guest coach this season, so the two received help from someone who knew every detail of the song.

The choice between Kayslin Victoria and Oliv Blu was definitely not an easy one. Oliv Blu delivered a strong, jazzy performance, while Kayslin offered a great deal of talent for a 16-year-old.

John Legend seemed enticed by Kayslin Victoria’s potential and chose her to continue on Team Legend. However, Oliv Blu isn’t finished on The Voice. Blake Shelton stole the singer at the end of the battle.

Fans are very excited to see how these teams turn out as the battle rounds finish up. The teams are definitely diverse this year as the show moves closer to the cross battles.

The Voice airs on Mondays at 8/7c on NBC.

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