The Voice: Part three of the season 16 battle rounds

As the battle rounds grow closer to the end, the judges have harder and harder choices to make. This Tuesday on The Voice, we watched three duos sing during their battles, each giving their all. Despite all three delivering wonderful performances, we know not all of them will continue to the next round. Each judge

The Voice season 16 blind auditions part 6: Who made the final cut?

The last episode of blind auditions aired on The Voice Monday night, leaving many fans thrilled and other fans upset. Many great artists made the cut, making for an interesting group of artists for this season. With John Legend only needing one more person on his team and Adam needing three, tonight’s episode was extremely

Cecily Hennigan: From the McDonald’s drive-thru to The Voice

Cecily Hennigan recently made it to Blake Shelton’s team on The Voice, moving her music career forward. The trained singer has already made a name for herself. Hennigan first gained social media fame in August 2018 when singing in the McDonald’s drive-thru. From McDonald’s to The Voice, we can say the road to fame is