The View’s Sara Haines reveals why she will not call her kids on vacation

Sara Haines on The View
Sara Haines explained on the podcast why she won’t call her kids while she’s on vacation. Pic credit: ABC

Now that The View is back after a week off for their spring break, it is great to catch up with the ladies.

Fans were upset with the previously recorded episodes of The View and The View: Behind the Table podcast for an entire week.

During a recent episode with Sara Haines, Brian Teta mentioned on the podcast that fans feel the hosts should never get time off, especially during a hot political time in America.

He was adamant in defending their time off, and rightly so. The ladies all deserve some much-needed spring break time. Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro stayed home while the others traveled.

When Sara Haines stopped by the podcast to share her vacation with her husband, she offered some surprising information about going away without her children.

Sara Haines revealed she won’t call her children when she’s away

Sara went to the Turks and Caicos with her husband, Max Shifrin, leaving her kids at home in capable hands, as reported by Monsters and Critics.

She shared some great photos on Instagram of her trip with her husband.

During her interview with Brian Teta on The View: Behind the Table episode titled Sara Haines On How Her Views Have Changed Since Becoming a Co-Host, Sara shared how she deals with being away from her children.

Sara has three young children with her husband, Max, and has tried several things when going away and leaving them home. Sara had to be away filming the game show The Chase and initially tried to video herself reading stories to the children at night.

Sara recounted to Brian that it did not work out well. The kids just wanted Mom back when they saw videos of her, so they tried FaceTiming instead.

Sara said, “We learned when I went away for The Chase that it was not productive” for her to call or video them.

“Alec broke down, and Sandra just wanted me back,” Sara continued.

So Max proposed that she get the “knowledge” she needed about the kids from their caregivers while she’s out of town but not do face-to-face calls.

The kids send videos to Sara, but she told Brian she doesn’t call or FaceTime back.

The ladies all share about their spring breaks on The View

Whoopi Goldberg took the time during a recent show to ask the ladies about their time off during spring break.

Whoopi went to her home in Italy while Sunny and Ana stayed home.

After all these years, Joy Behar finally reached Italy and stayed in a great spot in Verona. She excitedly shared with the ladies her visit with chef Rachel Ray. Rachel cooked for Joy and shared her villa overlooking Tuscany.

Alyssa Farah Griffen also went to Italy, Venice, to be specific, and had a great time. The whole segment can be seen on The View’s YouTube channel

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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