Will Sunny Hostin and the rest of the ladies have new episodes of The View next week? Here’s what we know

Sunny Hostin at a random event.
Will Sunny Hostin and the ladies of The View have new episodes next week? Pic credit: © Lamkey/CNP/AdMedia

Knowing when there will be reruns or previously recorded episodes is very important for fans of The View.

Everyone loves tuning in to see what the popular show hosts will discuss next, and it is a great disappointment when The View is not new.

Earthquakes, fires at nearby studios, and even an eclipse cannot keep the ladies from their seats, as they’ve proven this month.

However, as fans have started to speculate, a yearly phenomenon called “spring break” causes them to take an earned and much-needed vacation from the show.

Friday’s show was previously recorded, so the gang may have already started on their vacation.

Brian Teta, the show’s executive producer, shared some news about next week’s plans on his podcast, The View: Behind the Table.

The View is on spring break for a bit, and fans are reacting on social media

In a podcast episode with Joy Behar on The View: Behind the Table, Brian told listeners that everything will shut down for spring break starting Friday.

Brian has confirmed there won’t be a new podcast or The View episodes until April 29, 2024.

Fans have been getting the news out, first on Reddit and then X (formerly Twitter.)

Fans confirmed that Brian told everyone about the spring break, and one fan said, “Thanks for sharing that info…I like knowing instead of tuning in and being disappointed.”

Another fan asked,” Why?” The conclusion was that it coincides with the “public school break in NYC.”

Since the show films in NYC, it makes perfect sense that the ladies, especially those like Sara Haines or Sunny Hostin with younger children, would want that week off.

Fans of The View discuss the hiatus of the show on Reddit
Fans of the View confirm that Brian Teta said there will be no new shows until April 29, 2024. Pic credit: u/byelections/r/theview/Reddit

The news also made it to X (formerly Twitter), with fans saying, “I think because it’ll be Spring Break there.” Other fans said, “Thanks for the heads-up.” And “Spring Break?”

Fans of The View discuss pre-recorded episodes.
Fans of The View discuss pre-recorded episodes and spring break happening. Pic credit: @gramfurn/X

Sunny Hostin is promoting her newest book

Sunny Hostin will be on vacation next week while the show aires what Brian calls “favorite encore episodes” of The View, but she is still working on promoting her newest creation.

Sunny’s newest book will be a great beach read for everyone this summer, and Sunny has been sharing the news on Instagram.

The new book, Summer on Highland Beach, is out for preorder, and Sunny has been discussing it all over the place.

Incredibly, someone as busy as Sunny is with her family and career has time to write books. But Sunny shared recently with Brian Teta on the podcast that she takes care of her responsibilities at home before attempting to write.

Sunny shared with Brian on the podcast that she only writes from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m., late in the evening.

Sunny also explained that she would not write when her children needed her attention, so she would wait for them all to fall asleep.

This writing schedule seems to work for her as this is the third book in her popular summer series.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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