The View’s Sara Haines reveals that she feels ‘flirting’s not cheating’

Sara Haines on ABC
Sara Haines revealed her views on whether or not flirting is cheating. Pic credit: ABC

The ladies on The View are unafraid to share their feelings on sensitive subjects, and Sara Haines has shared something that some may find controversial.

When she’s done filming The View, and before any other projects like being on The Chase or an episode of What Would You Do?, Sara is often on Brian Teta’s podcast.

Brian Teta, the executive producer of The View, also has a podcast, The View: Behind the Table, which Sara recently joined to share her feelings about flirting.

Sara has been married to her husband, Max Shifrin, for nine years and has what she calls an excellent marriage to him, and she wants to keep it that way.

She saw a video on Instagram just before sitting down and talking to Brian on the podcast that unnerved her. She then asked Brian the question, “Is flirting cheating?” before giving her answer.

Goat Mind Videos posted on Instagram image that declares “Flirting Is Cheating.”

Sara says, ‘Flirting’s not cheating’

In the podcast episode titled, Is Flirting Cheating? Sara Haines Weighs In, Sara reveals that she doesn’t think flirting is cheating and then explains herself.

Brian said that Sara asked the question after looking at an Instagram post that said, “Flirting Is cheating.” Sara confirmed that she saw that and wanted to get reassurance from Brian.

Sara said, “Flirting’s not cheating, but I’m the only one that flirts between Max and myself.”

Sara is a self-proclaimed flirt. She said she flirts with men and women because she is friendly and high-energy. She then declared that she might find her husband flirting “sexy.”

Brian said the “bar is whether it’s (flirting) disrespectful.” Sara said she is a flirt, and you cannot say “truthfully that flirting is cheating” and that sometimes it’s just not cheating but having fun.

Sara firmly said she had never crossed the line and was sure her husband, Max, would tell her if she did. You need to check in with yourself and make sure you are just having fun, which is the advice that Sara left everyone on the podcast.

Sara asks Max how soon a guy should call a girl back

Sara asked Max a question on her Instagram in the guise of “asking for a friend.” The post is captioned, “You asked, I ambushed Max and asked for an answer! Ladies, if you need a man’s opinion, lemme know.” 

Sara asked her husband how soon she should follow up after a date if you like a girl; when do you reach out? Max said, “I was eager…most guys would be more cautious…and wait a day or two.”

After Sara asked why he thought that, he explained, “Being overeager as a man is not an advantage.”

Max must have done something right if he was eager and still managed to snag Sara as a wife. They seem perfect for each other.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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