The View teases Joy Behar’s return after her illness

Joy Behar on the red carpet
Joy Behar is back on The View after her bout with COVID-19. Pic credit: ©

The View has been on hiatus since December 18, and fans cannot wait to see the ladies back with all new shows.

The ladies will all be back this week, and The View’s Instagram account is teasing the news. It will be a great week ahead, and the show will celebrate Ana Navarro’s birthday on Friday.

Many people were upset that The View was showing old news and said so on social media.

The ladies, including Whoopi Goldberg and Ana Navarro, should be refreshed after their time away for the holidays and be ready to share the news of their travels during the hiatus.

The View shared several pictures of the ladies on Instagram in anticipation of this week’s new shows.

Besides showing new photos of Alyssa Farah Griffin and Sunny Hostin, Joy Behar is back, and fans are excited. The caption on the Instagram post reads, “Kick off 2024 with @theviewabc — see you tomorrow!”

The View’s official Instagram account.

Fans can’t wait to see Joy back in her seat

The exciting news by The View that Joy Behar is back has fans posting their well wishes and enthusiasm to see her and hear about her illness.

One fan said that Joy is “Looking great!!! Love The View!!” Another fan also said, “Can’t wait!!”

One was so happy Joy would be on the show that they said, “Oh, thank heavens, you are back.” One other glimpse at the posts shows a fan saying, “Love you, auntie Joy!!!!! Can’t wait to have you all back tomorrow!”

Joy Behar's fans comment on The View's Instagram page
Fans are excited for The View. Pic credit: @theviewabc/Instagram

It has been a long time without new episodes and hot topics, so there will be much to catch up on this week. The new episodes start Tuesday, January 2, because the show is preempted on New Year’s Day.

Joy Behar had to miss her seat on The View because she was sick

It was devastating in December when Whoopi Goldberg had to announce that Joy had taken ill with COVID-19. Joy had been so proud of herself that she had dodged the illness, but it finally got her.

The show had to ask Community actress Yvette Nicole Brown to fill in for the missing Joy.

Joy went silent on social media, and it was not until her friend, Don Lemon, posted a photo that included her around Christmas on his Instagram account that anyone had news about her.

Everyone breathed a huge sigh of relief to know that Joy was well, and the news that she would be back on the show tomorrow was most welcome.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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N. Kershaw
N. Kershaw
3 months ago

I have not got a clue who watches the View and why it is even on.