The View hosts slam Lana Del Rey as ‘disrespectful’ following late performance

Whoopi Goldberg
The ladies on The View are not here for Lana Del Rey’s excuses. Pic credit: ©

Lana Del Rey may be a favorite artist to some, but she isn’t winning over the ladies on The View.

During Monday’s Hot Topic segment, Lana’s recent performance at Glastonbury became a topic of discussion.

The singer was late getting on stage because her hair took too long, and she was worried the concert would be cut short because of a strict curfew.

My reader, the concert was indeed cut short, and The View isn’t here for it.

“I’d like to try that,” Whoopi Goldberg started. “‘Yeah, we’re late, we didn’t come on time today because our hair took too long.'”

Ana Navarro echoed the sentiment, stating, “Listen, if you know your hair takes a long time, you show up on time,” though she did admit to not knowing who Lana Del Rey is afterward.

The View slams Lana Del Rey as ‘disrespectful’

Due to her lateness, Whoopi thought Lana should have given them back money on their tickets, but co-host Sara Haines felt differently about it.

Sara didn’t seem to care who Lana was and found it incredibly rude and “disrespectful” of the singer to show up late.

“It doesn’t matter who it is, even if people would wait for them. I think it’s such a disrespect of people’s time. We all know people who are late all the time, it’s so selfish,” Sara said.

“I think it’s disrespectful… people that have concerts, people that are stars, just because you’re that way does not make your time more valuable than the people that are waiting for you.”

As Joy Behar would say, perhaps Lana’s hubris got the best of her.

Joy Behar blames missing Titanic submersible on ‘hubris’

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Joy Behar gave her two cents about the missing Titanic submersible that unfortunately was not found after it went missing.

She and other hosts agreed that the missing submersible could be blamed on hubris and that there’s nothing that money can do to prevent things like that from happening.

Just like the people on the original Titanic, being rich didn’t save them from the iceberg, and it didn’t save anyone on the submersible.

Despite blaming the incident on their own hubris and confidence, Joy admitted that the situation was “tragic” and “sad” and didn’t seem to hold any ill will toward anyone tragically lost on the submersible.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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