The View fans react to Meghan McCain’s claims against the show

Meghan McCain on the red carpet
Meghan McCain threatens legal action against The View. Pic credit: ©

Meghan McCain, daughter of the late Senator John McCain, left The View several years ago.

She was on the show for four years, from 2017-2021, but she still thinks the ladies talk about her often.

The other day on The View, as the ladies were discussing President Joe Biden’s Impeachment Inquiry and Hunter Biden, talk of trading favors on your family name came up.

Ana pointed out that people in Washington do this often and said, “People sitting at this table did it.”

After Ana clarified that she was not referring to anyone currently at the table, everyone thought she meant Meghan McCain, although her name was not said aloud.

Meghan thought Ana meant her too and threatened legal action.

Fans of The View post on Reddit their reactions to Meghan’s claims against the show

Immediately, fans started posting on social media. In the past, Meghan had claimed that she never even watched the show any longer and likened it to an ex-boyfriend in an interview with The Messenger.

Part of Meghan’s claim was that the ladies of The View slander her “on an almost weekly basis.” But several fans don’t think they do at all.

One fan, @tracyinge, asked about other clips of the ladies slandering Meghan “on an almost weekly basis.” Meghan has produced none.

A fan of The View posted on Reddit about Meghan McCain.
A fan of The View posted on Reddit about Meghan McCain. Pic credit: @tracyinge/Reddit

Another fan, @Rmlady12152, was firmly in Ana’s camp and thinks, “Mags is a traitor.”

A fan of Ana Navarro posts on Reddit.
A fan of Ana Navarro’s posts on Reddit. Pic credit: @Rmlady12152/Reddit

A third fan, @Striking_Prompt5491, refuted Meghan’s claims of not watching the show, saying, “She’s also clearly still watching if she keeps up with ‘all the things’ they’ve said about her.”

A fan of The View posting on Reddit
A fan of the View posting on Reddit. Pic credit: Striking_Prompt5491/Reddit

Meghan McCain posted an update on X, formerly Twitter

Meghan posted on X, thanking her fans and saying she hoped the ladies “will be capable of moving on from obsessing over me…”

Meghan McCain posting on X.
Meghan MCain’s post on X. Pic credit: @MeghanMcCain/X

Fans immediately started to correct Meghan on her post on social media.

One user, @Mellowisme4, clearly stated, “Oh sweetie, nobody’s obsessing over you. Spotlight effect or narcissism? You seem to demonstrate both.”

One of Meghan McCain's followers on X.
One of Meghan McCain’s followers on X. Pic credit: @Mellowisme4/X

Other users, @DavidAd10514168 and @auntie_w, continued with the sentiments that no one is obsessing over Meghan, and also, Ana mentioned no names in her tirade.

Social media posting to Meghan McCain's X account.
Fans of The View correct Meghan McCain on X. Pic credit: @DavidAd10514168/@auntie_w/X

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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