The View co-hosts called out for always talking over Sunny Hostin

Sunny Hostin of The View
Sunny Hostin could not finish a sentence on The View today. Pic Credit: ABC

Some days, finishing a sentence or thought on The View is easier than others. Today was not good for Sunny Hostin.

The announcement that Taylor Swift was chosen as the Time Person of the Year 2023 made for a scorching topic on The View. Taylor Swift is the 33-year-old billionaire phenomenon of a musician.

People either love or hate her, but Time has chosen her as the year’s most influential person.

Taylor currently has a film, Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour, in movie theaters only. She tried to get a deal with the major film studios, and when that fell through, she negotiated directly with AMC and Cinemark Theaters.

The other finalists for the Person of the Year include Barbie, King Charles III, and Sam Altman.

Today, Whoopi Goldberg introduced Taylor Swift as a topic and was enthralled by the choice that Time Magazine made with choosing Taylor.

Sunny could not finish a sentence during the debate

Whoopi is the moderator on The View and runs the show. She forcefully has her way, even over the producer’s directions.

The disrespect towards Sunny was apparent during the Taylor Swift discussion. Whoopi listed all the reasons why Taylor was a good choice. She is a great musician and her tours employ many people, etc.

Sunny, who thought another person may be a better choice, said, “I agree with all of that…but for me, the Time Magazine Person of the Year should be other people.” She started listing the striking workers from Hollywood and the Trump prosecutors.

Whoopi forcefully cut Sunny off, “You’re a prosecutor; we aren’t buying it.”

Sara Haines and Alyssa Farah Griffin also cut her off each time she tried to finish her sentence.

Sunny tried again, “Other people…Person who most….” Sara, Whoopi, and Alyssa all cut in on her.

Sunny finally said she was surprised by Taylor as a choice. Whoopi cut her off yet again, “No, no. I’m sorry, baby- her image has been startling.”

Sunny tried to mention Elon Musk, only to be cut short again.

The clip can be seen below.

Fans on X, formerly Twitter, notice and don’t like it one bit

This was a bit too much for fans on X, formerly known as Twitter. They started posting during the live episode.

One user, @LarryAJRobinson, said, “Whoopi did not let Sunny disagree with her over Taylor Swift being person of the year.” They also noted that “Sunny was not allowed to make her point.”

A fan of The View on X.
A fan calls out Whoopi for not letting Sunny talk on The View. Pic credit: @LarryAJRobinson/X

Other fans posted as well. User @prophecy_boy said, “I don’t like how they always talk over Sunny. #TheView.”

Then, user @shaemarie67 agreed with Sunny that another person should be chosen.

Fans on X upset over Sunny Hostin not being able to finish a sentence today.
Fans of Sunny Hostin on X. Pic credit: @prophecy_boy/@shaemarie67/X

Fans of The View continue to watch and let their feelings be known on social media.

The View airs weekdays at 11/10c on ABC.

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