Taylor Swift holds massive Eras Tour movie premiere with Beyonce as guest

Taylor Swift at the 2019 Billboard Women in Music Event; Beyonce at The Lion King Premiere.
Taylor Swift at the 2019 Billboard Women in Music Event; Beyonce at The Lion King Premiere. Pic credit: © Hirata/

Taylor Swift threw a massive premiere for her box-office juggernaut, The Eras Tour Concert Film.

The Shake It Off Star shut down The Grove Shopping Center in Los Angeles to debut the movie and invited 2,200 fans to the event.

And to make matters more exciting, Beyonce made a surprise appearance at the special occasion.

The event took place on Wednesday night, and according to Daily Mail, many die-hard Swifties were dressed up in costumes resembling her celebrated music videos.

Speaking to a crowded auditorium, Swift was said to be having the time of her life. She said graciously, “Every single person in this theater has been hand-selected and hand-picked and invited to this night because you’ve shown some sort of extra type of support for this tour, and I appreciate that more than you could possibly know.”

The All Too Well singer added, “I’m always looking out for people with elevated levels of passion, incredible senses of humor on the internet, and attention to detail. These things are very important to me. So thank you for everything you’ve done that just got us all in this one room.”

Taylor Swift’s speech continued

While addressing the audience, the 12-time Grammy-winning singer stated she has never had as much fun as she has had on The Eras Tour.

The 33-year-old singer adds, “I’ve always had fun doing this. I can’t believe I get to do music as a career — that’s crazy.” Swift added, “I’ve never had this much fun in my life as I have had on the Eras Tour. It is far and away, just the most electric experience of my life.”

This is due to the team she toured with on this record-breaking tour. But she continues to give overwhelming warmth to her fans, which the Grammy-winning singer says kept everyone’s spirits at full force. “We did this show rain or shine, in sickness and in health, no matter what was going on in our lives. And we did it with a grin on our face because of what greeted us on the other side.”

She closed out her 3-minute speech by telling the room, “I think the fans will see — and the dancers, you’ll all see — how much you are main characters in this film. And I love you so much….”

From there, the songwriter of 22 went to join a separate auditorium, where she sat with her backup dancers.

Variety says the singer was witnessed singing along to her songs quietly and gesturing the show’s choreography. Additionally, they say she was seen pointing things out in the footage, possibly background details or details in the show the singer missed.

And to make matters more heartwarming (and a sign of no contest between them), Beyonce was at the premiere.

Beyonce makes a surprise appearance at The Eras Tour Concert Film premiere

The Crazy in Love singer will have a concert film in December, but Beyonce clearly sees Swift as a friend despite any competition.

The 42-year-old musician has remained friends with Swift, even amid the awkward Kanye West moment in 2009, where West attempted to steal Swift’s moment and say Bey “had the best video of all time.”

Since then, Beyonce and the All Too Well singer have spoken highly of each other publicly.

After the screening, the two icons posed for a photo together as a loving image of solidarity.

However, the reported love interest of the singer, Travis Kelce, was not spotted at the premiere.

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour will begin having showtimes tonight, and Renaissance: A Film By Beyonce will hit theaters on December 1.

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