The Rookie recap: As things change, they also stay the same

Melissa O'Neil as Lucy Chen on the set of The Rookie
Lucy Chen getting between two brides on the job Pic credit: ABC

Welcome back, Rookie fans, to another episode of watching our favorite officers kick a** all over Los Angeles. This week that’s divided between Nolan & Harper investigating a bank heist, Lucy and Jackson’s first day as P2s, and Bradford helping Lopez find a wedding dress.

It’s a recipe for another classic Rookie hour after last week’s prank-themed episode. Prank themed to me anyways; why don’t we dive in?

Another day on the job

Lucy Chen and Jackson West are officially P2’s, and it’s certainly not what they expected.

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Granted, in their shoes, I can’t blame them for being excited at calling their own shots, but they certainly aren’t receiving bottles of scotch from their boss at roll call.

Jackson’s dad pulling one over on them was too funny, though. Heading out without training officers turned out to be a new experience in itself.

Even if that includes guarding “evidence” that turns out to be garbage and arresting ladies fighting over a wedding dress covered in feathers.

I know they didn’t appreciate it, but I couldn’t stop laughing watching Tim record Lucy doing her job on her own for the first time. They may not be rookies or at the academy anymore, but they still have an important job to do.

Flashing back to their academy days, though, which included a speech from the late Captain Anderson, was the perfect reminder of how far they’ve come.

Sadly as Jackson headed out to his family tradition dinner, Lucy got the opposite kind of feedback from her mother. Look, I hated that Lucy was treated as if everything she worked for didn’t matter because they judged her profession solely from the opinions of others.

I have no doubt there are bad cops out there still, but their inability to do their jobs is not a reflection of what Lucy has chosen to do. She’s worked so hard to come this far, and whether her mother agrees or not, she has accomplished a lot in this profession.

Thankfully she has some good backup in that area. Jackson West, you are tied with Tim Bradford for being the literal best friend ever. I’ll never be tired of watching them rock friendship.

Speaking of friendship

You know you are best friends with someone when they are willing to come help you go through wedding dresses on their day off. Tim Bradford, you are the epitome of a gruff with a heart of gold.

Seriously though, I missed seeing this friendship, and I was so happy to see Angela properly ask him to be her “Man of Honor” and fire her original maid of honor.

This wedding is going to rock! Seriously though, I hope we get to see Angela and Wesley walk the aisle this season.

On the other side of friendship, Nolan and Harper, while working a bank heist, end up dealing with personal issues. Namely, Nolan’s kid dropping out to take a super nice paying job and Harper ghosting a guy she got asked out by.

I’m not sure how police officers do it, but dang, it’s impressive to see them balance personal drama with their job. Literally on the fly trying to figure out why a guy would pull a bank heist with an unloaded gun, all the way to saving his daughter by helping his wife when she was forced to pull a heist.

Teamwork makes the dream work in every sense of the word in this job. Yes, I know that’s a little (or very) cheesy, but I still feel it fits here.

At the end of the day, all of these officers chose to do this job for their own reasons, and even if you don’t agree with it, respecting that choice is what counts.

This is something I’m really glad Nolan recognized for Henry as whatever happens with this job, it’s his life. Which also included our very own Harper going out on a date with the handsome dad at her daughter’s school.

Man I can’t wait for next week!

Final Thoughts

  • Look, if I had to pick between a bunch of prissy girls with binders, lists & demands and Tim Bradford, I’d go with him every single time on wedding planning. I really hope he gets to deal with Patrice.
  • It was a little thing, but I was so happy to see these guys all in the roll call room again, even just for a single scene. I guessed the lack of these has to do with Covid safety protocols, but man, it was nostalgic.
  • If you had told me when Nolan met Harper, they’d end up supporting each other through dating and life challenges, I’d have side-eyed you all the way around the room. These two have come a long way and it’s really good to see a friendship come about.
  • Seriously ALL the friendships on this show rock, and I really hope we get to see more in the next four episodes because that has to tide me over for a whole summer.
  • Only Tim Bradford would also call his dog boot when training him.
  • Lucy getting her own patron saint necklace was just perfect. Jackson & Lucy, you two are going to continue to rock being P2s and I cannot wait to see it.

The Rookie airs on Sundays at 10/9c on ABC.

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