The Rookie recap: A penultimate adrenaline rush

West & Chen looking at Nolan mid-sentence
West & Chen smirking Nolan’s way Pic credit: ABC

Welcome to the penultimate episode of season two, Rookie fans, where even the Q-Word can be a curse during a work shift.

Seriously this show doesn’t waste a second giving you an adrenaline rush just watching things happen on screen, and tonight was no exception.

If people were unpredictable last week, then tonight they were downright shocking. Between the relationships and dirty cop discovery, its a wonder my heart ever slows down at all.

So why don’t we dive into it?

Quiet is never a good thing for a cop

I don’t usually say this, but I’m 100 percent with Harper over Nolan on “quiet” not being a good word for a cop.

Right out the gate we “wake up” to Ms. Lucy in bed with a handsome man named Emmett who asks to keep their relationship on the D.L.

Not that I blame her, cause that man is fine, but let’s be honest he’s no Tim Bradford.

Then the volume is blasted up when a revelation that a dirty cop is in their station, and as a result, an honest one dies. I didn’t know him, but that didn’t matter when Jackson West was the one fighting to keep him alive.

His girlfriend Erin was the one he was trying to save after she was drawn in by bad debts.

We make choices, and the consequences always follow. I just wish it wasn’t always at the cost of good people’s lives — which leads me to the question of the night.


Look, I’ll be honest the second that gun went missing, Rosalind’s words about him came to mind, and I had a bad feeling it was him. I was praying to be wrong, but sometimes you don’t get that in life.

Heart-wrenching is a good word for it

I’m not sure any other term could accurately describe the latter half’s events. Nolan was already heartbroken, watching a cop he knew — that he was trying to help — die right in front of him.

I can’t say this doesn’t make for one hell of a compelling story, but God, these characters just cannot get a single break. As adrenaline rushing this hour was, the little moments still stood out.

Angela Lopez kicks a** at being a detective, which is not a surprise. But its deeply gratifying to see her appreciate the chance amid chaos. Tim Bradford is a hard ass, but I can let that slide when he makes it clear he respects what Lucy can handle.

The pizza Grace brought was the icing on the cake, though. No, I wouldn’t eat those two together, but god, Nathan Fillion and Ali Larter can heart eyes the hell out of each other.

Please let them figure this out next season writers. I need some good to balance out the fact that a man who Nolan and everyone else trusted has been selling them out to criminals.

Armstrong may have his reasons, but at this point, I choose not to give a crap what they are. The second you gun down another human being to cover your own a**, I’m done.

Let’s hope justice prevails for Chris and Erin cause God knows they deserve it.

Final Thoughts

Jackson West & Lucy Chen’s friendship is everything pure and good in this world. My heart burst when Lucy came in just to hold him and be there as much as she could when her friend was hurting so badly.

Smitty, small favor, please never change and give us many more hilarious body cam clips.

Look, I’m a die-hard Chenford shipper, but Lucy deserves a good man in her life after the hell she went through. I have faith eventually that good man will be Tim Bradford, so if it’s a slow-burn, I’m in it.

Is anyone ready for next week? (That’s a rhetorical question as I’m assuming no one including myself is.)

The Rookie airs on Sundays at 10/9c on ABC

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