The Rookie recap: A compelling hour of tension and instincts

Harper & Nolan silently communicating with each other
Nolan & Harper know they’ve got trouble Pic credit: ABC

Welcome back, Rookie fans! Another Sunday, another hour with our favorite officers where tension and instincts were front and center.

Seriously, last week dove into surprises, and this week just straight up looked at the most complicated beings in existence — people.

In a nutshell, if there’s one thing I can count on this show for, it’s how much I can never expect what happens next with these characters.

Seriously between all of them, there was a stubborn detective, an undercover drug operation, and a cookie theft that became more.

Shall we dive into tonight’s hour before I get ahead of myself?

Trust your instincts; they are there for a reason

If anything irritates the crap out of me, it’s anyone who doubts these characters for a second. Case in point — Angela Lopez sticking her ground to this so-called Detective who has a grudge against Wesley.

Dude, if you’re pissed an attorney tore apart your case, make it better next time don’t act like a five-year-old. Lopez has no time for that while she’s busy doing actual police work with Jackson tracking down a driver of a suspicious blue sedan.

Who, of course, turned out to be the killer. Lesson learned for the lady Detective, don’t mess with Angela Lopez when she’s working.

Sadly I think Nolan learned another kind of lesson tonight.

Truth be told, I wish that Nolan trusted his instincts on how to treat Bianca because it sadly ended up biting them all in the a** during this surprise undercover drug operation.

I know he was doing his job in what he thought was the right way, but people, in general, don’t take rejection very well.

As easy as it can be to place blame, he’s still got the heart of a lion for pushing to save her after she went and double-crossed them. If we see Bianca again, I hope it’s in a better place than where we left her.

If another element in tonight’s episode deserves kudos, it’s for routinely making my heart race anytime we see these guys go undercover. It’s a risk every single time no matter which way you look at it, and it leaves you at the edge of your seat.

Thank God they know what they are doing, though I sincerely doubt I was the only person who screamed at the television when that car came out of nowhere and hit Bradford & Chen.

Give me a heart attack, why don’t you?!

Honesty is the best policy for a reason

On the relationship side of things, Jackson got the courage to be honest about Lucy’s newest status of “third-wheel.” Painful as it was, it led to a scene I was ridiculously happy to see play out.

Yes, you all (possibly) guessed it — Lucy realizing Tim holds himself responsible for what happened with Caleb. Lucy has the purest heart on television and showed it by making it very clear that neither of them was to blame for what Caleb did.

I admit, as a Chenford shipper, it made me squeal because when you are neck-deep in an OTP, you are thrilled when you get moments like these. However, on a character level, it was fantastic either way.

The truth & bottom line — a psycho could never destroy Lucy Chen’s faith and respect in Tim Bradford.

I fully believe in their slow-burn potential, but in the meantime, if this handsome firefighter Emmett wants to help Lucy step back into the dating world sooner, I’d be okay with that.

But just for now.

On a happy romantic note, our very own Nyla Harper was honest she would be up for some dinner with the handsome DEA agent Mike. Look if he wants to stick around and add to the happy that she’s found, please bring it on.

She deserves it a hundred percent.

Final Thoughts

  • I’d take Lucy’s place for one night if it meant spending a night with the “perfect boyfriend” of Sterling & Jackson. God, these two are so freaking cute.
  • I hope we get to see Detective Calderon follow through with her word on getting Lopez back on the detective track. Hands down, she would kick some freaking ass at that job.
  • Nothing like an opening that makes you crack up at a criminal getting fooled by the second undercover cop in holding play. Ah, justice never felt so good and hilarious!
  • Tonight our ladies were in fine form, and those are the kind of episodes that will, in the future, land on my top favorites list.

The Rookie returns with all-new episodes on April 26th at 10/9c on ABC.

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