The Proposal’s Ashley and Jordan: Are they still together?

Ashley and Jordan from The Proposal
The Proposal ABC pulled an episode after a scandal, but it sounds like their latest leading lady Ashley has found love with Jordan

Ashley and Jordan met on The Proposal during the show’s second episode and while Ashley had a hard time narrowing her picks, she ended up picking Jordan as the final guy for her.

Since the scandal-hit show is such an interesting concept, many people are questioning whether the relationships are truly real. How can someone get engaged after only knowing about the other person for about an hour? And how can they propose after just coming face-t0-face with the person who they want to marry?

Well, it sounds like The Proposal is actually a successful show when it comes to finding love. As it turns out, just like last week’s couple Mike and Monica, Ashley and Jordan are still very much together. The official Twitter profile for The Proposal provided an update about Ashley and Jordan and even shared a video from the pair showing how their dating life is going.

They pair just filmed the show earlier this year, and while they got engaged on The Proposal, it seems that they are in no rush to settle down.

While the show has received criticism after having to pull an episode due to a sexual assault scandal, it sounds like the contestants really do want to find love and are willing to explore all options.

What do you think about Ashley and Jordan still being together after The Proposal? Are you surprised that both couples that got engaged on the show so far are still together?

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