The Price Is Right’s Drew Carey assists struggling contestant trying to win big prize

Drew Carey on The Price is Right
Drew Carey stepped in to assist a struggling contestant on The Price Is Right. Pic credit: CBS

Drew Carey didn’t mind stepping in when one of The Price Is Right contestants struggled to win a significant prize.

The popular game show host seems to genuinely enjoy meeting the various contestants who come on stage to play for prizes.

Those typically include expensive household items, trips to exotic locations, money, or new cars.

Sometimes, contestants struggle to perform the physical parts of the games.

Viewers have seen some contestants who fail to spin the Wheel hard enough during the Showcase Showdown, and the host will help out.

However, Drew recently assisted a contestant as she was trying to win a car in a different pricing game.

Drew helped out a contestant struggling with The Price Is Right game

The Price Is Right at Night recently returned to primetime and featured more valuable prizes. That included a contestant, Shamira, who got on stage and learned she would play a game with a chance to win a new Lexus.

She began jumping and screaming after seeing the shiny new red Lexus as a potential prize.

To win the car, she’d have to win the pricing game called Master Key. Drew explained that there were three locks and five keys.

There was one key that would specifically open a lock to win some designer sunglasses. A second key would open the lock and win a trip to Savannah, Georgia. A third key would open the lock to win the brand-new Lexus. A fourth key was a “blank” and wouldn’t open anything.

However, Drew revealed there is a fifth key, called the Master Key, which would open all of the locks and win all of the prizes.

A clip on The Price Is Right Instagram account uploaded a video clip to show Shamira selecting her key and bringing it over to try the first lock.

Drew told her to turn it to the right after she’d tried turning to the left.

After turning it, she learned that she’d won the fancy sunglasses. Drew suggested she bring the key to the lock with “CAR” above it and see if she had the Master Key.

“Turn it to the right,” Drew told her after she’d tried turning to the left again.

However, when she inserted the key into the lock, she couldn’t turn it, and some disappointed groans were heard from audience members.

Drew stepped in to assist as he pulled the key back out of the lock and shoved it harder into it. As he turned it, “WIN” popped up above the car lock, sending Shamira running and screaming toward her new Lexus.

Viewers reacted to contestant’s big Master Key moments

The Instagram clip received lots of feedback from fans. Some were thrilled to see the contestant’s big win and Drew helping her out. Others joked about her not knowing left from right while trying to win the game.

“Drew you’re the greatest,” one commenter wrote, including heart emojis.

Another commenter indicated that Shamira was a “$63000+ winner” on the game show.

“She better learn her left and rights before driving,” a commenter joked.

screenshot of instagram comments as the price is right host helps out contestant
Pic credit: @therealpriceisright/Instagram

“Drew was TOO kinD!!!” a commenter said, regarding the host’s willingness to lend a helping hand.

As mentioned, Drew hasn’t hesitated to help contestants who need it, including one contestant who couldn’t quite spin the big Wheel with enough force to make a complete rotation during the Showcase Showdown.

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