The Price Is Right contestant booed by audience and laughed at by Drew Carey during failed attempts at game

the price is right host drew carey face shot cbs
The Price Is Right host Drew Carey sees a lot of contestants. Pic credit: CBS

Sometimes, contestants experience embarrassing and tough-to-watch moments on The Price Is Right, including bad luck or failed attempts to win the games.

One of the game show’s big moments involves a contestant spinning the wheel, where they could potentially win big money.

A contestant achieved impressive wheel spins in one recent episode after losing a brand-new car on the show.

However, another contestant didn’t fare as well during the Mother’s Day episode, and the audience let them hear about it.

Host Drew Carey also couldn’t help but laugh about the situation despite trying to give his assistance.

It was part of a bizarre and brutal sequence of events during an event celebrating the annual holiday.

TPIR contestant fails at the wheel as audience boos

The Friday, May 10 episode of The Price Is Right celebrated Mother’s Day, with mother-daughter duos getting to play the games together.

One duo danced with Drew on stage, much to the host’s delight, just before they won multiple prizes from a game.

In another segment, three mother-daughter duos who had been on stage for games got to spin the big wheel. A requirement is that the wheel must complete a full spin before landing on one of the numbers from 0 to 100.

Unfortunately, one contestant could barely spin the wheel, as it only moved a tiny bit.

The moment arrived after one of the mother-daughter duos shouted out family, friends, and Los Angeles Dodgers players Shohei Ohtani and Mookie Betts. 

“Ohtani and Mookie Betts. Never heard of em,” Drew joked before asking the next contestants if they wanted to say hello to anyone.

That was just after their first failed spin, and audible audience boos soon let them know about the weak spin.

drew carey and the price is right contestants during wheel spin
Drew Carey tells contestants wheel spin did not count. Pic credit: CBS

“Hold on. That doesn’t count,” Drew told the contestants as he pointed at the wheel.

“It has to go around at least once,” he explained, saying they got another spin.

However, the second spin didn’t go much better, and there was more audience booing.

Host Drew Carey tried to help out the contestant

“Here, let me help you out,” Drew said as he offered some assistance with the spin.

After the spin didn’t get enough to beat the previous contestant’s number, Drew said he’d help with another spin.

“I got it,” the contestant told him, but after the attempt, Drew said it was “just short.”

The host couldn’t help but chuckle as he said they had one more spin left. Unfortunately, their two eligible spins exceeded 100, so they had to leave the stage.

“That’s a full one. It was so nice meeting you. Take care,” Drew said, and the contestants walked off stage.

Viewers reacted to The Price Is Right wheel fail

After seeing the contestants’ failed attempts to spin the big wheel on the game show, several viewers shared their thoughts. One claimed that the contestants were “asked to leave.”

“There was just a woman on The Price is Right who couldn’t spin the wheel a full rotation and after 4 times they gave up and asked her to leave hahaha!” a viewer commented about the moment.

screenshot from twitter shows commenter talking about tpir wheel fail
Pic credit: @SeanBParsons/X

The X commenter indicated that the contestants were “politely directed off stage,” likely referring to Drew’s actions and comments after the failed spins.

“That’s epic. How do you go on the show and are told FOUR times to spin it properly and don’t! Crazy,” a commenter replied.

screenshot shows twitter comments about failed wheel spin on tpir mothers day
Pic credit: @SeanBParsons/@_deeez/X

“Most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen on there!” another X commenter wrote.

twitter screenshot shows viewer calling out tpir contestant spins
Pic credit: @Jennifer3271692/X

While the mother-daughter duo didn’t win on the wheel, they received $8,000 worth of prizes from winning Cliffhanger earlier on the show.

And for future contestants needing inspiration to succeed with the wheel, watch Evelyn, a 2017 contestant who was “spinning that wheel like a champ!!”

A video clip from The Price Is Right showed the 92-year-old had no issues spinning the wheel and impressively won herself some extra cash on the spot.

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