The Price Is Right fans react as ‘unstoppable’ contestants dance on host Drew Carey

the price is right host drew carey during may 10 episode on cbs
The Price Is Right host Drew Carey appears in the May 2024 Mother’s Day episode. Pic credit: CBS

The Price Is Right is known for contestants having fun with their on-stage celebrations, whether they meet the host, play games, or win prizes.

One contestant shocked himself with his luck spinning the big Wheel, where sometimes contestants win big money.

More recently, an “unstoppable” duo got the attention of fans due to their dancing.

Drew Carey was part of the impromptu dance party as the mother-daughter duo celebrated their moment.

They followed that up by competing for a sweet prize while on the game show.

After seeing the episode’s highlights, some fans were all for it, while others criticized their behavior or even Drew’s remarks.

‘Unstoppable’ duo dances with Drew Carey before attempting the price game

The Friday, May 10 episode of The Price Is Right featured a Mother’s Day theme and format ahead of the annual holiday. The set featured beautiful floral graphics and decorations to celebrate the occasion.

“Happy Mother’s Day, everybody!” announcer George Gray said, adding, “I say, ‘Hi Mama Mai every day, but I love you so much.”

Host Drew Carey also wished his mom, who he said is “no longer with us,” a Happy Mother’s Day, before contestants started the opening round of bidding.

Typically, the game show features single contestants, four at a time, ready to bid at Contestant’s Row. However, the May 10 episode featured eight contestants at a time.

At the start and throughout the show, George called down mother-daughter pairs as the contestants.

One mother and her daughter, wearing matching green shirts, were ecstatic once they finally joined Drew on stage.

Both women immediately hugged Drew and started dancing side-by-side with the host, bumping hips to his. Drew chuckled over the interaction before shaking their hands.

They soon had more reason to celebrate as they played for $10,000 in The Grand Game.

In the game, they started at $1. Each time they could choose an item with a price under $6.50, they would add a 0 to their dollar amount.

They received some audience help and identified noodles, oats, a sponge, and hot chocolate as under that amount.

That gave the mother-daughter duo a lot to celebrate as they jumped for joy, did a hip bump, and danced some more as they soaked in the moment.

Viewers reacted to TPIR host and contestants’ highlights

Fans of The Price Is Right shared their thoughts in the comment section of the show’s recent Instagram video post.

At least one viewer called the highlight moment “cringe,” while another criticized Drew for speaking as the host of the popular game show.

“Drew, please stop saying YOU GUYS to ladies!” a commenter mentioned, adding, “They’re not guys. You can say, Great job LADIES.”

“Can Drew Carey host without opening his mouth? Every time he speaks I’m sure your ratings go down,” another commenter said.

screenshot of the price is right instagram comments about host and contestants
Pic credit: @therealpriceisright/Instagram

“They brought the energy. Too bad they didn’t win on the wheel,” a commenter said.

Another called them “dollar up bidders” on the show, referring to bidding a dollar more than another contestant’s bid on Contestant’s Row.

“Congrats!! Their enthusiasm made me happy!! Everyone did so great,” a commenter said about the Mother’s Day episode.

the price is right instagram screenshot of fan comments about mother daughter duo
Pic credit: @therealpriceisright/Instagram

“Too cute sure that made his day,” a commenter wrote, referring to the host.

Several of the mother-daughter duos that went on stage also had great days in terms of big wins. In addition to the “unstoppable” dancing duo winning big money, another duo won a brand-new car, and the Showcase Showdown winners received over $48,000 in prizes.

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