The Price Is Right at Night: Superfan, Jr. amazes Drew Carey as host jokes about prize

drew carey face shot from the price is right at night superfans episode
Host Drew Carey was amazed by the Superfans on The Price Is Right at Night. Pic credit: CBS

A Superfan, Jr. contestant amazed host Drew Carey with his knowledge of The Price Is Right and his winnings.

Drew even joked to announcer George Gray, “We’re in trouble today,” after meeting the young contestant before he even attempted to win any prizes.

The game show host also cracked a few jokes about the contestant’s attempt to take home a sweet prize.

The Price Is Right at Night recently returned to television, including Superfan and Superfan, Jr. contestants.

These were contestants selected for the show based on their fandom and love for The Price Is Right.

The Superfan, Jr. contestants were younger and included Jacob, who was excited to meet Drew and play an all-time favorite game.

Superfan, Jr. tries to win $100K on The Price Is Right

A Superfan, Jr. contestant, Jacob, was ecstatic as he spun around and screamed after learning he’d get to play Plinko for $100,000.

In the game, contestants receive multiple Plinko chips and then get to drop them from the top of the letters on the Plinko gameboard. At the bottom of the board are various landing spots with dollar amounts from $0 to $20,000.

Jacob started by nearly getting a chip into the $20,000 spot, but it landed in $1,000.

A second chip landed in $1,000, bringing Jacob’s total up to $2,000. However, his next chip achieved the big money, as it hit $20,000 and brought cheers of excitement!

“$20,000! $20,000!” Drew yelled before jokingly muttering, “For a kid, on The Price Is Right.”

Jacob’s final chip landed in the $1,000 spot, giving him a prize of $23,000.

“$23,000. Not bad,” Drew said as Jacob came down the stairs from Plink, shook the host’s hand, and hugged him.

“I hope he spends it all on bubble gum and comic books,” Drew joked.

Superfan, Jr. contestant also impressed Drew with his game-show knowledge

As mentioned, the Superfan contestants have a serious love of The Price Is Right, and that was absolutely the case for Superfan, Jr. Jacob.

Several days ago, Jacob appeared in a CBS Detroit interview (below) about his fandom and experience on the game show. The interview included his discussion of the special book he was working on.

After he first met Drew on stage at the show, the host asked what made him such a big fan. Jacob told him about the book he was writing on the history of The Price Is Right.

“Really?” Drew asked him before asking if the book covered Bill Cullen, the show’s original host in the 1950s.

After Jacob told him it did, Drew asked if Jacob knew what they planned to call the show during its initial pitch to the production company.

“Auction-Aire!” Jacob answered, much to Drew’s amazement.

That show title was shortlived, as the game show became everyone’s beloved The Price Is Right. Drew has hosted the CBS show since 2007 and has continued with the long-running game show into 2024.

Drew seems to love his job too, including his getting to meet and interact with Superfans. He previously addressed his future with the show, saying he doesn’t have plans to retire anytime soon.

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Cindy Willingham
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