The Price Is Right: Contestant returns to stage 42 years after previously losing big prize

drew carey from may 27 2024 the price is right
The Price Is Right host Drew Carey. Pic credit: CBS

A recent The Price Is Right contestant returned to the show 42 years after her previous appearance.

Not only did she return to the audience, but she also surprisingly returned to Contestant’s Row and then to the stage for a pricing game.

Host Drew Carey mentioned that the contestant, Delores, wore a t-shirt that mentioned she appeared on the show in 1982. That meant she likely met the legendary Bob Barker, who was hosting then.

Fast forward to her 2024 appearance, and Drew asked if she’d won anything during that previous time on The Price Is Right.

“I won like a life supply of peanut butter or something like that,” she said, adding, “I didn’t win the car.”

“Really? You still working your way through it?” Drew asked, with Delores replying that she gave most of it to people in Pasadena.

Contestant returns after losing car in TPIR’s Bob Barker era

In her big return to the stage, Delores had another attempt to win a big prize after missing out on that car in 1982.

“We have something a little better than peanut butter right here, don’t we, George?” Drew asked announcer George Gray.

“You can go pick up some peanut butter in your brand-new car!” George announced, much to Delores’ delight.

Delores got to play for a Volkswagen Jetta VW Sport. While George shared some pertinent specs and features, he left out the price.

That’s because Delores was playing Five Price Tags, with five different prices on different tags. The objective is for the contestant to pick the one that matches the car’s price.

While Delores started with just one guess, she earned several more. Drew and model Manuela Arbez showed several household items and a price.

Delores guessed if that price was true or false. A correct answer gave her another guess at the car’s price.

TPIR contestant attempted to win her car 42 years later

Due to correctly guessing true or false for two items, Delores received three guesses at the price of the vehicle.

“Wow, you are good!” Drew told her after winning the two additional picks.

“It beats last time,” she said, regarding her game show return.

From there, Delores missed getting the car’s price on her first attempt.

However, her second pick was on the money, as she guessed $24,592, revealing the “WIN” sign.

Delores celebrated and ran over to the Volkswagen Jetta to get behind the steering wheel of her new car. Drew followed her over and stood by the open door.

“That’s how you do it,” he said as the show went to commercial break.

Delores was the second contestant to appear on stage during The Price Is Right’s Monday, May 27 episode. She was also the second-straight winner, as the previous contestant won a trip to Costa Rica.

For those wondering, Delores also claimed additional prizes that many see as better than peanut butter.

Her correct bid on Contestant’s Row won her a collection of Gucci items valued at over $2,000. That included a baseball hat, a belt, a leather wallet, a cardholder, a bottle of perfume, a printed twill scarf, and a bucket hat.

Not bad for her return to the popular game show over 40 years later!

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