The Order Season 3 release date and cast latest: When is it coming out on Netflix?

The Order Season 3
The Order is coming back for a third season. Pic credit: Netflix

The Order was a fun fantasy series that hit Netflix in 2019 and was an immediate hit, enjoying two seasons on the streaming service.

The Order is about a college student named Jack Morton (Jake Manley) who joins the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose, a secret society that teaches and practices magic.

Jack starts to go deeper into the history of the organization and uncovers dark family secrets and an underground battle between werewolves and the magical dark arts.

Here is what we know about The Order Season 3 possibilities.

This article provides everything that is known about The Order Season 3 and all related news. As such, this article will be updated over time with news, rumors, and analysis. Meanwhile, let’s dig down into what is known so far.

Is there going to be a Season 3 of The Order?

On November 14, Netflix officially canceled The Order after two seasons.

The Order tweet
Pic credit: @DennisHeaton2/Twitter
The Order tweet
Pic credit: @DennisHeaton2/Twitter

At the moment, there hasn’t been an announcement for The Order Season 3 on Netflix, but there is a good chance that it could happen.

The series was so popular that it received its own panel at this years’ Comic-Con@Home2020, which you can watch here.

On that podcast, showrunner Chad Oakes said that they are “cautiously optimistic” that the series will get a third season from Netflix.

He said it is all up to the fans of the show.

“The love comes through in all the blogs, reviews, and everything else, so we’re cautiously optimistic, and we hope we can have some good news soon,” Oakes said.

“So all of them should keep watching on repeat… All episodes, all seasons,” actress Katharine Isabelle said. “Put it on when you’re going to bed… Leave it on!”

Release date latest: When is The Order Season 3 likely to come out?

While Netflix has yet to announce a renewal for the series, Oakes said they hope to find out the news soon.

With that said, the COVID-19 outbreak shut down the filming of many Netflix originals across the world, including major hits like The Witcher.

Even when the streaming giant renews a show like The Order, it can’t start filming until the restrictions are lifted, and will remain limited in what it can do while there are still restrictions in place.

The season likely has ideas, but they still need to get into production before they can consider filming anything.

While the first two seasons hit a year apart, expect a wait longer than that for a third season, possibly as late as the end of 2021.

The Order Season 3 cast updates

The main actors will be back for The Order Season 3.

Jake Manley returns as Jack Morton, current champion of the werewolf Silverback.

Katharine Isabelle should also return as grand magus Vera Stone, and Sarah Grey should return as Alyssa Drake — if she survived the events of the finale.

Other cast members who should return for the third season of The Order include Anesha Bailey as Nicole, Thomas Elms as Hamish, Adam DiMarco as Randall, Louriza Tronco as Gabrielle, and Devery Jacobs as Lilith.

There should also be some new cast members joining as well.

The Order Season 3 spoilers

Fans have to hope that The Order Season 3 comes soon because the second season ended with a major cliffhanger.

In The Order Season 1, the Knights of Saint Christopher had their memories blocked and had some odd experiences at the beginning of The Order Season 2.

Jack Morton (Jake Manley) led the repressed werewolves to connect the dots about their relationship with “The Order,” and found themselves torn between the leader of the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose, Vera Stone, and a student named Alyssa Drake, who believes that everyone should have the ability to explore magic.

“A lot of what we came up with is because of things that were built in the first season and things we loved seeing our actors do and bring to it,” showrunner Shelley Eriksen said. “That’s the gift of those first few weeks when we come back is we’ve got stuff to build on that we didn’t even know we had when we were writing the series.”

In the Season 2 finale, Alyssa caused atmospheric eruptions that could lead to the apocalypse. Alyssa has to work with Vera to prevent the rise of underworld demons.

Jack convinces Alyssa to meet up with Vera, and she gains access to the Fors Factorum incantation. This could seal the eruptions.

However, while this works at first, werewolf Gabrielle Dupres attacks Alyssa under the control of one of the Hides of The Knights of Saint Christopher.

The Order Season 3 will determine how this moment impacts everyone involved, as Jack, Alyssa, and Vera will have to deal with the aftermath.

The Order Season 3 has not yet been greenlit. The first two seasons of The Order are available to stream right now on Netflix.

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