The Irregulars: Who plays Leo? How does the actor know Tom Holland?

Production still from The Irregulars.
Harrison Osterfield plays Leopold in The Irregulars. Pic credit: Netflix

Netflix’s horror-thriller The Irregulars follows a group of troubled teenagers while they investigate the chilling paranormal activity popping up around Victorian-aged London. These assignments are brought to them by the rude and dismissive Doctor John Watson and the unhinged Sherlock Holmes. It’s a creative and original exploration of the infamous Sherlock Holmes stories which preceded the series.

One of the main characters throughout the series is Prince Leopold, a hemophiliac 17-year-old who is in love with the street gang’s leader Bea (Thaddea Graham). The character is courageous and adventurous but also resembles a lovesick puppy as he follows his crush around. Playing Leo in The Irregulars is actor Harrison Osterfield. 

How does Harrison Osterfield know Tom Holland? 

Harrison Osterfield is a 24-year-old actor from England. He is close friends with actor Tom Holland as the two attended school together at BRIT School in London. The two have an epic bromance and have worked together on sets with Osterfield stepping in as an assistant or filling in background roles. 

On Tom Holland’s birthday, Osterfield posted a throwback image of the two. He wrote, “Happy birthday bro. You always set the standard whatever it is you’re doing through all your hard work and dedication, as well as helping us all move forward in life with opportunities we could never have dreamed of.” 

He tagged Holland in the birthday picture. A few months earlier, he posted an image with Holland and his brother, calling them his “clique.” Scrolling through their Instagram accounts, the two share many awesome pictures with one another.

What else has Harrison Osterfield been in?

Osterfield made brief appearances in the Marvel movies Spiderman: Homecoming and Avengers: Infinity War in uncredited background roles. Additionally, he served as Holland’s assistant in those two movies, as well as Avengers: Endgame and Spiderman: Far From Home. 

He also made himself familiar on the sets of Holland’s movies The Current War and Chaos Walking. Coincidentally enough, The Current War starred BBC’s Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch, long before Osterfield was cast in this Sherlock spin-off series.

Before making his big Netflix debut in The Irregulars, Osterfield appeared in a single episode of the Hulu dark comedy Catch-22 as Snowden in Episode 6. Other roles include starring in the short films One In A Million and Art of Expression. 

The actor is represented by the London talent agency United Agents and his Instagram biography pays homage to his new, pivotal role, linking to the official trailer of The Irregulars. Osterfield is expected to reprise his role in Season 2 of The Irregulars, which is already in the works!

The Irregulars is currently streaming on Netflix.

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