The Equalizer adds Adam Goldberg to cast in a lead role

The Equalizer adds Adam Goldberg to cast
Adam Goldberg has joined The Equalizer. Pic credit: CBS

The Equalizer is returning to television and the new version will star Queen Latifah as the new lead in the upcoming CBS series.

Deadline reported on Nov. 11 that Adam Goldberg has now joined the cast as a lead opposite of Queen Latifah.

Adam Goldberg joins The Equalizer

Having Adam Goldberg and Queen Latifah locked down as the leads on The Equalizer Season 1 presents an interesting take.

Goldberg will star as Harry Keshegian, and here is how CBS has described the character:

“He’s not your stereotypical tech dude. Gruffly endearing, lovably annoying, eccentric and a collector of facts and artifacts, he’s paranoid — but for a reason.

Unlike conspiracy theorists, because of his experience as a white-hat hacker, he actually knows what the real conspiracies are. He’s as loyal as they come and like a brother to McCall.”

Most fans know Adam Goldberg from his breakout role in Dazed and Confused. He has also appeared over the years in movies like Saving Private Ryan, A Beautiful Mind, and Zodiac.

He also had a recurring role on the TV series God Friended Me and had small roles in shows over the years like Friends, Joey, and Entourage.

The Equalizer updates

The Equalizer was originally a TV show from the ’80s about a man with a mysterious past who uses his specialized skills to help people in need. Edward Woodward played the lead in this series.

In 2014, Training Day director Antoine Fuqua brought The Equalizer to the big screen with Denzel Washington as the lead. There was a sequel that arrived in 2018.

For the new version, Queen Latifah slips into the lead role.

Queen Latifah stars as Robyn McCall, a divorced and single mother to a teen. She has a mysterious background, allowing her to act as a guardian angel (vigilante) to help those who can’t defend themselves.

On top of Queen Latifah and Adam Goldberg, the cast so far includes names like Liza Lapira, Lorraine Toussaint, Tony Kittles, and Chris Noth (Law & Order).

There is no word on when The Equalizer will hit CBS, but a good bet would be January 2021. The series will air on Sunday nights at 8/7c, followed by NCIS: Los Angeles at 9/8c and NCIS: New Orleans at 10/9c.

“This is one of the only jobs I’ve ever taken in my life where someone asked me the question one time, and I said yes immediately,” Queen Latifah said.

CBS has yet to announce when The Equalizer Season 1 will premiere.

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