The Curse of Oak Island: Team is told treasure from Solomon’s Temple was buried in the swamp

Rick and Marty in the War Room
Rick and Marty Lagina contemplate finding treasure from Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem. Pic credit: History

On this week’s The Curse of Oak Island, the guys hear more on the evolving theory that the Knight’s Templar may have been to Oak Island and may have buried ancient Christian relics such as the Ark of the Covenant either in or near the swamp.

Theorists Corjan Mol and Chris Morford were back to brief the guys in the War Room with another incredible presentation.

Last year, Mol uncovered what he believed to be several references to Oak Island within renaissance artist Nicolas Poussin’s paintings.

Mol argued that Poussin must have known the Templar Knights took the Ark of the Covenant from Jerusalem and buried it, supposedly for safekeeping, somewhere in the swamp.

On last night’s episode, Mol and Morford said they drew a line along the axis of Nolan’s cross and found that it intersected with the Palace of Versailles’s grounds.

When they examined the grounds of Versailles, they identified a giant menorah.

There’s more.

When they followed the line in the other direction, they found it intersected exactly with Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem; home of the Ark, the Golden Menorah, and numerous other ancient Christian artifacts.

Corjan Mol tells the Oak Island guys where to dig

There’s still more!

Mol said he believes they’ve found a marker left by the Templars that showed they left at least one of the artifacts on Oak Island. Marty Lagina asked nonchalantly, almost jokingly, “can you tell us where to dig?”

The always serious Mol casually and yet dramatically stated, “yes.”

By superimposing a pentagram and a menorah and using measurements calculating the distance between the arcadia stone and the eye of the swamp (what?? Yep, we know. Marty was skeptical too), Mol said he’d identified two areas where the guys should dig.

The two points are to the east and the west of the swamp, and he said the guys should find a stone marker or something similar at these points.

Treasure map of Oak Island swamp
The bottom of the pentagram points to two spots (marked in green) where Corjan Mol tells the team to dig. Pic credit: History

Oak Island team began digging for Templar treasure

The guys wasted no time in heading over to the first point on the eastern side of the swamp, where lo and behold, they found a water-logged trench and possible evidence of disturbed ground.

It looked human-made; someone had been digging here before.

The western point wasn’t so clear, but the guys thought there might be a clearing and some disturbed ground. Tom Nolan got his digger and began excavating, and sure enough, after a while, they hit a boulder.

But before they could check it for markings, the digger ruptured a hydraulic hose meaning they couldn’t continue. It’s not called the Curse of Oak Island for nothing!

A short time later, geoscientist and Oak Island swamp enthusiast Dr. Ian Spooner took some sediment core samples from the eastern site and determined that the trench is definitely human-made and could be at least three centuries old.

Marty said it’s time to drain and dig, and Rick said they’ve “entered the realm of unknown possibilities… [and] we’re about to be woken up to the real mysteries of Oak Island.”

Can’t wait for next week!

The Curse of Oak Island airs at 9/8c on History.

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3 years ago

And if they superimpose an image of a driedel…..

Charles Masone
Charles Masone
2 years ago

Yeah.OK….except that “menorah” is two arms short so……