The Curse of Oak Island: Season 8 finale ends on a high with ‘silver in the water’

Rick and Marty Lagina in the War Room on Oak Island
Rick and Marty Lagina can’t wait to get back to Oak Island to dig up that silver. Pic credit: History

The Curse of Oak Island Season 8 finale aired last night, with the team showing renewed determination to continue the effort to solve the island’s mysteries and uncover the elusive treasure.

As the first snow of the winter began to fall in Nova Scotia, the guys rushed to uncover any last-minute archaeological finds.

Billy Gerhardt spotted a piece of wood in the bucket of his digger while digging in the swamp. The guys quickly concluded that it likely came from a ship. Perhaps it came from the treasure ship that they suspect is buried in the depths of the swamp.

And Rick Lagina and Oak Island Doug Crowell made a great find on the stone roadway. They came across a trade weight. This is a small cylindrical object that was used from the medieval era to measure precious metals. Yet more evidence of deals in treasure happening on the island.

Oak Island team had last War Room meeting of Season 8

And then it was time to down tools and reflect on the year just past and the years ahead.

The team gathered in the War Room for the last time, and as is now the tradition, they discussed their work this year and whether or not to proceed.

The conclusion was that despite the limitations caused by COVID-19, this was actually a hugely successful year. Perhaps, their most successful yet.

In terms of archaeological finds, it certainly was a bumper crop year; they guys unearthed a massive 700 objects. To put that into context, it’s twice the number they found last year. Some of the key items were laid out on the table.

A selection of some of the archaeological finds discovered on Oak Island this year.
A selection of some of the archaeological finds discovered on Oak Island this year. Pic credit: History

There was a lengthy discussion about the mysterious stone roadway, which the guys now believe was built to transport treasure from a harbor at the swamp to the Money Pit in the uplands. All indications now suggest the road is heading to Money Pit.

All the objects they’ve found buried on the road pre-date the original discovery of the Money Pit in 1795; therefore, it most likely belonged to the treasure depositors.

The big news from last week was Dr. Ian Spooner’s revelation that there’s a large quantity of silver buried in the Money Pit area. An analysis of the water buried in the C1 borehole showed the presence of silver nearby.

Ian had one more nugget of information for us all; an analysis of the soil in the area showed low levels of silver. Don’t worry, that’s good news. It means the silver in the water isn’t coming from the soil but from an actual deposit of silver treasure. Hopefully.

Marty Lagina admitted that a few times he’d thought about giving up on the island but that Ian’s work has convinced him to keep at it. “Silver in the water,” he said. “Silver in the water,” he repeated.

There was high praise from Marty for brother Rick; he thanked him for his leadership and said that none of what they had achieved would have been possible without Rick’s leadership. There were shouts of “here-here” and nods of agreement all around the table.

And then it was time for Rick’s speech, and there was barely a dry eye in the house as he spoke passionately and emotionally about everyone’s hard work and the sacrifices of the team. Gary responded by saying: “we’d follow you anywhere, mate.”

Will there be a Season 9 of The Curse of Oak Island?

The History Channel has not yet announced if there will be a ninth season of The Curse of Oak Island; however, it’s practically a shoo-in, barring some dreadful catastrophe; it’s bound to be airing again sometime next fall.

The viewing figures for each episode approach the 3 million mark, so; it’s clearly a viable investment for the History Channel. And as we know, the guys on the ground have no intention of abandoning the island any time soon.

The Curse of Oak Island will hopefully return with season 9 in the fall 2021.

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Charlie Carothers
Charlie Carothers
3 years ago

I would love to not have this green thing in the way covering up what I’m trying to read.

Dana McFaull
Dana McFaull
3 years ago

I will follow the search until the end and for the team I am hoping it turns up something of great significance in history and for Marty treasure.

3 years ago

vi aspetto con la nona stagione, mi mancherete, ma guarderò nuovamente i video pubblicati. Buon inverno a tutti e tornate presto

Frank Alexander
Frank Alexander
3 years ago

The Treasure will connect Queen Elizabeth to Mohammad. The Queen is a Descendant of Mohammad, Nova Scotia is The Hand of God, The Satanist Freemasons set up the USA from here. They know what’s here, but these men don’t know who they are actually working for unless 33 degree masons.