Exclusive: The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 trailer hints at huge discoveries

Marty and Rick Lagina, Alex Lagina and Jack Begley in The Curse of Oak Island Season 5
Marty and Rick Lagina and, left, Alex Lagina and Jack Begley in The Curse of Oak Island Season 5

If you thought last season of The Curse of Oak Island was exciting, you haven’t seen anything yet. Here’s an exclusive first look at the Season 5 trailer — and it shows some potentially HUGE discoveries.

Watch our sneak peek below which reveals Marty and Rick Lagina searching for the location of the original Money Pit, where it’s believed treasure of huge value or priceless artefacts could be hidden.

At one point the brothers fist-pump as Rick tells his brother: “I think we found the Money Pit.” Marty replies: “I know we found the Money Pit.”

Marty, who has been the more skeptical of the two brothers since the start of the hit series, then tells producers in an interview: “We not only found the Money Pit, the Money Pit is real!”

We revealed last month how the new season sees a pirate’s chest and three keys for other chests surface, and footage from the trailer shows a key being examined and a chest opened.

Marty and Rick Lagina fist-pumping
Marty and Rick’s fist-pump after their Money Pit revelation on The Curse of Oak Island Season 5

Cameras also capture the moment a coin is found which it’s estimated is from the 1600s, and a huge boulder is excavated out of the ground.

The boulder appears in the footage to have one flat edge, which fans of The Curse of Oak Island know is significant as that is the same feature seen on other stones believed to act as ancient markers on the island.

The season comes after a huge storm has battered the island, potentially allowing things that were previously concealed to be found. Marty says: “Storms like that often reveal things that have been hidden. One of those things could prove the whole thing’s true.”

The famous Oak Island saying goes that another person will die searching for treasure on the island before it reveals its secrets — and footage from the upcoming season shows the team nearly facing disaster when someone is accidentally blasted by an out-of-control high-pressure hose.

The clip sees him hit in the face and his helmet blown off as the hose flies out of the ground and begins whipping around fiercely out of control.

So far six people have died looking for treasure on the island, while a seventh needs to die to fulfil the prophecy. But Rick remains defiant in his quest, saying: “The island can throw whatever it wants at us. We’re not giving up.”

We told last month how huge amounts of equipment were seen arriving on the island across the causeway that leads from the mainland. The amount of piping prompted some to speculate that the Laginas were planning to bore down deep this year.

Recent drone footage has shown exactly what’s going on around the Money Pit area and Borehole 10 X.

Matty Blake, who hosts The Curse of Oak Island’s “Drilling Down” after-show series, told at the end of last month of his excitement at what’s in store for fans.

He said: “This has been…since I’ve been doing this, the most exciting and eventful time I’ve ever spent on the island. You’re going to love Season 5.”

The brothers are still on the island completing the season, meaning there could be lots more big discoveries to come!

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The Curse of Oak Island returns November 7 on History.

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