The Curse of Oak Island Season 11 finale preview: The guys take one last shot at finding the treasure

Rick Lagina listens intently in the Oak Island lab
Rick Lagina has his fingers crossed for one last dig in Oak Island Season 11. Pic credit: History

The Curse of Oak Island Season 11 ends with the guys having one last go with the borehole drill to find a treasure vault before they wrap up for the winter.

After 24 episodes of some serious ups and downs, the guys won’t pause for even a second as they squeeze every last available second out of the season to get more clues, answers, and treasures.

This year’s main thrust was rehabilitation and excavation of the Garden Shaft; however, that project came to a crushing halt after flood water came gushing in. The Dumas miners will be working on the problem behind the scenes, but our guys are worried that an ancient flood tunnel may have been breached.

The Garden Shaft hiatus has meant that the borehole drill team has had extra work to do in and around the Baby Blob and Money Pit areas. And it seems like they will have one last go tonight, and judging by the preview, they’re pretty confident about finding something.

The guys sprayed a spot with a massive X, and Marty Lagina said, “That’s the spot, man; I can feel it.”

Rick Lagina was overheard stating, “We’ve got a chance of actually finding treasure with this well.”

Oak Island team drill for treasure vault in Season 11 finale

It’s not clear exactly where the dig is happening, but it appears to be in the Money Pit area, likely near the Baby Blob and the Garden Shaft

Viewers and the Fellowship have been left disappointed in previous season finales. Still, this time could be different because the team increasingly has better scientific and technological techniques at their disposal.

The History Channel episode synopsis reads: “As winter descends on Oak Island and clues continue to be uncovered, the Fellowship makes a final bold effort to find the treasure before operations cease for the winter.”

Oak Island team continues to find clues and artifacts up until the Season 11 finale

Meanwhile, archaeologists Laird Niven and Emma Culligan have been studying an arrowhead in the lab.

The preview showed Laird explaining that the arrow was likely made to penetrate chainmail, indicating that it is super old. Emma reckoned the metal composition indicated it was from the 16th century.

An arrowhead found on Oak Island
Oak Island archaeologists say this arrowhead is 500 years old. Pic credit: History

Also, archaeologist Helen Sheldon finds two more lead weights buried at the rectangular stone feature on Lot 5 on tonight’s show. In the preview, Jack Begley asked her what they would have been measuring, and she responded, “Gold.”

Finally, fans can expect to see the entire Fellowship gathered in the War Room with a selection of some of the best artifacts recovered throughout the year displayed in front of them. They recover thousands of artifacts every season; this year is unlikely to be different.

And don’t forget to watch out for Rick’s annual emotional and stirring speech (Will there be a dry eye in the War Room?), followed by a commitment to return for The Curse of Oak Island Season 12.

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History.

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Stephen Teper Jr
Stephen Teper Jr
17 days ago

they have an x-ray of the clusters of metals. The muon technology is being ignored. WHY? It shows where the mass of metal is. Why is this being ignored? I smell dead fish!!