The Curse of Oak Island preview: The team is set to finally learn what’s at the bottom of the garden shaft

Marty Lagina pictured up close
Big things are happening on The Curse of Oak Island. Pic credit: History

The Curse of Oak Island sees the team finally reach the bottom of the garden shaft, and Rick Lagina leads an expedition to explore Templar knights’ caves in Italy.

This week, the Dumas mining company will finally reach the bottom of the garden shaft at about 82 feet. The guys have been waiting impatiently for this moment, and they’ll be hoping for a major breakthrough in the coming days.

The Dumas team has been restoring the old timbers to rehabilitate the shaft. The guys had initially thought the shaft was a 19th-century searcher shaft, but carbon 14 dating revealed it could be much older and may be the work of the original treasure depositors.

So far, they’ve not uncovered any hidden treasure or secret offset chambers, but they are still picking up a lot of gold and silver signatures in the wood.

These not-insignificant levels of precious metals were enough to make Oak Island historian Charles Barkhouse declare in a preview that the garden shaft is where “the real Money Pit could be.”

It seems as though Dumas won’t be taking a break and will continue to dig down and perhaps outwards too. It’s completely uncharted territory.

Marty Lagina summed up the team’s situation with a Star Trek reference, stating, “So, we’re about to boldly go where no one’s gone before.”

Oak Island team explores Templar caves in Italy

Meanwhile, Rick Lagina and a few of the other guys will be arriving in Italy, where they’ll meet up with Oak Island theorist Corjan Mol and researcher Emiliano Sacchetti. Corjan and Emiliano have long studied the links between the medieval order of the Templar knights and Oak Island.

The Oak Island guys will explore the extensive cave system beneath the town of Camerano, near Osimo, on the Adriatic coast, caves long associated with the Templar knights. Last week, Emiliano showed the guys a map of the caves, which appeared to show an underground chamber in the exact shape of the 14th-century lead cross.

Aerial view of the town of Osimo, Italy
Rick Lagina is searching for clues beneath the medieval town of Camerano, Italy. Pic credit: History

And tonight, viewers can expect the team to find a compelling connection between these Italian caves and Nolan’s cross. This is bound to add fuel to the theory that Templar knights traveled to Oak Island in the 14th century to bury ancient Christian relics and treasures.

The History Channel episode synopsis helps confirm all of the above, reading:

“The North Atlantic winter is quickly approaching, but the stars are aligning for the fellowship of the dig when the swamp reveals more of its secrets and a trip to Italy provides a shocking new insight into Nolan’s cross.”

Season 10 of The Curse of Oak Island is coming to a close

The team has now started making repeated references to the weather closing in. This means the season only has a few more episodes left.

The harsh Canadian winter makes work on the island extremely difficult beyond a certain point, and as the guys rapidly approach that point, they’ll be hoping for some kind of a breakthrough. Fingers crossed, folks.

The History Channel is expected to air 25 episodes this season, meaning there are another three episodes after tonight, with the finale airing on May 16.

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History.

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