The Curse of Oak Island preview: The team identifies the location of the gold

Close up of Ian Spooner in the War Room
Ian Spooner says he’s found a massive deposit of gold by the garden shaft. Pic credit: History

On The Curse of Oak Island this week, the guys learn the location of the source of gold that has been leaking into the water samples. This means they finally have an X marks the spot for the treasure.

Also, on tonight’s episode, an ancient artifact is traced back to medieval Europe, and the archaeologists are let loose on Lot 5, where they uncover a brand new “large feature” that has never been seen before on the island.

For the last couple of years, geologist Ian Spooner has been taking samples from water buried throughout the Money Pit area.

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Ian discovered a large amount of gold and silver in the water, which, he claimed, suggests there is a “dump truck” worth of precious metals buried underneath.

Ian also discovered gold in the water buried in the garden shaft, which led to the effort to excavate and dig the shaft. That project is still currently on hold, thanks to government bureaucracy.

Well, Ian is back in the War Room tonight, and he’s been working on locating the actual source of the gold. According to a preview, he’s found it right by the garden shaft.

He made a simple diagram for everybody and announced, “the area is pink… would be exactly where the gold is”

Marty Lagina hopes they’ve finally found the Oak Island treasure

An excited Marty Lagina exclaims, “this is the War Room I’ve been waiting for.” Marty has always put a lot of faith in Ian and his findings, so naturally, he is hopeful that this could be it. Let’s hope he’s right.

Viewers will probably have to wait until the Dumas mining company gets permission to continue excavating the garden shaft before we’ll see any chunks of gold in Marty’s hands. But hopefully, the borehole drill team led by Terry Matheson and Charles Barkhouse can do some exploratory drilling in the meantime.

Diagram of potential Oak Island treasure
A pink blob marks the spot. Pic credit: History

Also on tonight’s Oak Island: An ancient medieval European artifact and a new feature on Lot 5

Speaking of experts, expert chemist Christa Brousseau is also back, and she’s learned that one of the Oak Island artifacts can be traced back to medieval Europe.

It’s unclear which artifact she means, but it causes Charles Barkhouse to suggest that the item adds “validity to Zena’s map.” He’s talking about the now infamous Zena Halpern map, which was reportedly created by the Templar Knights in the 14th century and shows the location of the Money Pit.

Meanwhile, on Lot 5, Laird Niven and the other archaeologists look genuinely astonished when they uncover a new “large feature.” Laird calls it a first for the island and suggests it could be “important for the whole story.”

The discovery is clearly important to have both Lagina brothers on hand to investigate, and even Rick states that it’s something he’s “never seen” before.

The History Channel episode synopsis confirms most of the above, reading:

“While the archaeologists work hard to uncover a new feature discovered on Lot 5, the scientists have finally identified the area where the gold is.”

It looks like fans can expect another fascinating and action-packed episode.

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History.

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Chuck Rivers
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