The Curse of Oak Island preview: The guys have to hunker down as a hurricane threatens to destroy all their work

Marty Lagina smiling in the Oak Island War Room
Marty Lagina isn’t going to let a bit of bad weather dampen his spirits on Oak Island. Pic credit: History

The Curse of Oak Island team must brace themselves as they find themselves in the path of a destructive hurricane, and there’s more digging in the swamp and an analysis of samples from the Money Pit area.

Tonight will see The History Channel’s Season 11, Episode 16, of The Curse of Oak Island. This episode is called Dark and Stormy, clearly a reference to the hurricane bearing down on the island.

Unfortunately, the Oak Island guys are subject to the whims of Mother Nature, and the often harsh climate regularly stops them in their tracks. The team ceases operations every winter as the cold weather descends.

The guys already endured flood damage at the Garden Shaft earlier in the season, and now it seems as though they’ve got a hurricane to deal with. This is likely Hurricane Idalia, which struck Nova Scotia last August, or perhaps Hurricane Lee, which hit in September.

In the preview, Rick stated with plenty of dramatic emphasis, “There’s no denying it. This could be the most dangerous day on the island.”

However, the hard work continues beforehand, and viewers can expect to see a lot of digging in the swamp tonight. Last week, Billy Gerhardt’s digger started pulling up a lot of old tree stumps, which could add more fuel to the theory that the marshy area was artificially created.

Oak Island team hopes to learn the swamp was created in 1200 AD

The preview showed geoscientist Dr Ian Spooner speculating that the wood could date back to 1200 AD, putting it at the same age as the paved area. One theory also puts Nolan’s Cross in the same era.

That would put the stumps in the same time period as the Templar Knights.

Old trees and wood dug up from the Oak Island swamp
The guys hope these old stumps from the Oak Island swamp date back to the medieval period. Pic credit: History

Also tonight, the team has another expert in the War Room who’s been testing samples from the Money Pit area.

It’s unknown exactly which “samples” he’ll be referring to, but it could relate to the proto-mortar soil samples recently recovered at Lot 5 and previously from the Money Pit.

Whatever the samples might be, the expert suggests they originate from the southeast of France. This could also be construed as a link to the homeland of the medieval order of Templar Knights.

The History Channel episode synopsis eludes to all of the above, reading:

“While new discoveries across the island continue to invigorate the team, a dangerous storm threatens to shut down the entire operation.”

Gary Drayton and Jack Begley celebrating an Oak Island find
Oak Island dream team Gary Drayton and Jack Begley have found another exciting artifact. Pic credit: History

Finally, on tonight’s show, Jack Begley and metal detectorist Gary Drayton find something very exciting. Viewers, be warned: Gary will be doing a dance!

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History.

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Neil Larkins
Neil Larkins
1 month ago

Don’t they say on the show that it’s Hurricane Lee that’s bearing down on them? That was in Sept. ’23.

Christine Marlow
Christine Marlow
1 month ago
Reply to  Neil Larkins

yes , these episodes were filmed last year

Mary Ann Lee
Mary Ann Lee
1 month ago

Why is this taking so long?