The Curse of Oak Island: New theory states Nolan’s Cross is a marker for ancient relics in the Garden Shaft

Alex Lagina grins while in the lab on Oak Island
Alex Lagina and the rest of the Oak Island guys are getting excited about what they might find in the Garden Shaft. Pic credit: History

A new convincing theory and discovery on The Curse of Oak Island shows the team is on track to recover treasure and ancient Christian relics at the bottom of the Garden Shaft.

This week’s episode of The Curse of Oak Island had nearly everything and only stopped short of the guys showering each other with untold riches.

It was a particularly exciting episode that showed the guys making real progress in the Garden Shaft as they uncovered a potential depositor construction and a fascinating theory that states they are on the right track to find the treasure.

Freemason and Oak Island researcher Christopher Morford was in the War Room with his interesting theory. He believes that members or descendants of the medieval order of Templar Knights constructed Nolan’s Cross as a marker, pointing to where ancient Christian relics, such as the Holy Grail, are buried.

Chris speculated that two of the large cone-shaped boulders from Nolan’s Cross are aligned with two drilled stones and are pointing to the Money Pit area.

The first boulder of the Cross, dubbed Cone C, lies on the beach where it could be spotted by an incoming ship. A rock with a strangely drilled hole lies between Cone C and Cone A (at the top of the Cross), and a second drilled rock lies in a direct line beyond Cone A. If you continue on that line, it intercepts the Money Pit area. (Please see the map below).

Oak Island team was buoyed by the theory that Nolan’s Cross points to the Garden Shaft

Rick Lagina reminded the group that a third drilled stone was found in the Money Pit area in 1895 but was subsequently moved.

Often, at this point, the guys would thank the expert for their input, and that’s the last we ever hear of it, but not this time. Surveyor Steve Guptill immediately set out to walk the line and measure the distances.

A Map of Oak Island with Nolan's Cross and a line pointing to the Garden Shaft
Oak Island researcher Christopher Morford says Nolan’s Cross acts as a marker, pointing at the Garden Shaft. Pic credit: History

Steve learned that the second drilled stone was exactly halfway between Cone C on the beach and the Garden Shaft. It was a little off-center of the Shaft itself but landed right above the tunnel that runs to the Baby Blob.

Rick and Marty Lagina began personally drilling at the bottom of the Garden Shaft

Speaking of the tunnel, Rick and Marty went down the Shaft and tried their hands at drilling. Marty gleefully told the camera they were returning to their routes as their grandfather had first come to America to work in Michigan’s mines.

The Laginas had a great time down there, though they did find it exhausting; it’s “no job for old men,” said Marty with a big grin on his face.

They weren’t just playing, though, as toward the end of the episode, they uncovered wooden beams, which the guys concluded was the tunnel going toward the Baby Blob.

The beams appeared to be rounded, which suggests an older construction, and the historical documents described rounded wood beams in the initial discovery of the Money Pit.

Rick bashed one of the beams with a metal bar and concluded there was a hollow space below it, perhaps the tunnel.

The guys are pretty sure they’ve finally hit on an original treasure depositor construction. This, combined with Dr. Spooner’s work on water samples that suggests there are precious metals buried between 80 and 120 feet in the Baby Blob, has left the team very excited.

The Dumas mining guys will now deepen the Garen Shaft by another three feet, hopefully bringing this tunnel into full view.

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History.

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Beverly mills
Beverly mills
1 month ago

If the new straight line from beach to money pit is direction to the money pit why would “they” bother to go to the rigorous work to lay the stones of Nolan’s cross?