The Curse of Oak Island preview: Team drills into the pink blob looking for the Money Pit gold

Marty Lagina smiling up close
Marty Lagina appears pleased with the drilling at the Money Pit. Pic credit: History

On this week’s The Curse of Oak Island, the team continues drilling into the pink blob area near the garden shaft, which is thought to contain a large quantity of gold.

On tonight’s episode, viewers can expect to see the Fellowship of the Dig unearth a previously undiscovered tunnel that they are convinced is heading towards the garden shaft.

The team is becoming increasingly excited about the garden shaft and the surrounding area. They are beginning to think this is where the treasure is buried. In a preview, Marty Lagina says, “this could be where it’s [the treasure] been hiding.”

Dr. Ian Spooner’s project to locate precious metals in water samples buried below the Money Pit came to its fruition last month when he identified an area he called the “pink blob.”

This area lies a few feet to the west of the garden shaft, and Ian believes it contains a large quantity of gold and is the source of the gold in the water samples.

All the guys have to do now is dig it up. Easy.

Oak Island team find a new tunnel at the Money Pit

Already, at the end of last year, the guys uncovered an unknown tunnel that they suspected was heading toward the garden shaft, and it looks like they will find another tonight.

A preview shows Craig Tester and geologist Terry Matheson discussing the finding; they seem 100% sure that this is a tunnel and that it’s heading toward the garden shaft.

At the moment, it seems that everything is pointing to something huge at the garden shaft. The Dumas mining company and their plan to excavate the shaft is still on hold while they get the proper authorization to dig.

There should be some news tonight on when Dumas can continue. Fingers crossed, it’s good news.

From mysterious wells to Roman coins, there’s lots happening on Oak Island

In the meantime, the team will also continue to investigate the mysterious well on Lot 26. Rick Lagina claims that the well didn’t freeze over during a previous winter, and Ian reckons it could be up to 800 years old, and he thinks there’s silver down there too. Either way, there’s definitely something strange going on down there.

Also, on tonight’s episode, blacksmith expert Carmen Legge is back examing some of Gary Drayton’s more intriguing finds. He’s looking at some old tools which he believes date back to the middle of the 17th century.

An artifact pictured up close in an individual's hands
Carmen Legge thinks this tool is from the middle 1600s. Pic credit: History

Perhaps even more exciting, a preview shows Alex Lagina sharing an office with a scientist-type guy. The expert tells him an object originates in the Roman Empire. This is likely a reference to the half coin that Gary recently recovered on Lot 5.

At the time, the guys were told it could be Roman in origin and dated back to 300 BC. This looks to be their confirmation.

The History Channel episode synopsis reads:

“While the team searches for clues to understand why an ancient well was constructed on Lot 26, excitement abounds when more evidence of a tunnel heading directly towards the garden shaft is recovered.”

The Curse of Oak Island airs at 9/8c on History.

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Mitch Adler
Mitch Adler
1 year ago

This is the most random, vague, contrived piece of nonsense. 1) States that the construction was purposeful and precise. Then changes every number of the axis. What does he do with the numbers – nothing. 2) He says the cross was made with hidden numbers and magic numbers. The cross has overt numbers given in feet and other numbers extracted by subtraction. These numbers are made up. 144, 288, 433 and 864 – do not exist anywhere on the cross by overt or covert means.

This theory can create “X” at 24 other locations on the inscribed perimeter. This one was arbitrarily chosen. This theory does not explain the other 3 features, The December Triangle, a cue to look for Taurus, the stone Pyramid that has all of the cross’s unchanged numbers and Taurus itself. All ignored by someone that claims the genius of the depositors was very exacting and precise. Ignoring the other features and changing the numbers is hokum.

Quick read
Check this link for a comprehensive explanation of the stone features.