The Curse of Oak Island preview: Excavation begins again at Garden Shaft as team reaches for precious metals

Rick Lagina smiling on Oak Island
Rick Lagina is delighted that excavation can begin again at the Garden Shaft. Pic credit: History

The Curse of Oak Island returns on Tuesday with Season 11, Episode 4, and the Dumas Mining Company is finally back on the island to commence this year’s key project of excavating the Garden Shaft area.

It looks like the Dumas miners have finally got their hands on those pesky permits, meaning they’ll be back down the Garden Shaft and hopefully digging deeper.

The first order of business is to dig the shaft deeper, to at least 98 feet, which hopefully means they’ll be able to break through to whatever precious metals Gary Drayton detected on the last episode of last season.

Gary’s metal detector picked up a deposit of non-ferrous metals just out of reach before closing operations for the winter. But now, they have all summer and the permits to dig it out — hopefully.

The last few weeks have also seen the guys working hard with the borehole drill to locate a tunnel just over 100 feet below the surface and below the Garden Shaft.

The team had hoped to give the Dumas guys something to aim for when they begin lateral tunneling out from the bottom of the shaft, and this might be it.

Oak Island team hopes to uncover secret chamber full of treasure in the Baby Blob area

The team hopes this tunnel, which appears to head toward the Baby Blob, may lead them into a secret chamber containing treasure.

Excavation equipment arriving on Oak Island
After weeks of waiting, equipment for fully excavating the Garden Shaft has arrived. Pic credit: History

However, we’ll probably have to wait at least a few weeks before lateral tunneling begins. But the Fellowship is now truly making progress.

Oak Island team finds evidence of hidden feature on Lot 5

In the meantime, the archaeologists will continue digging through the multiple ancient features that keep being uncovered on Lot 5.

A preview for tonight’s episode showed archaeologist Helen Sheldon explaining to Jack Begley that she’s found a mysterious feature that appears to have been deliberately hidden.

An archaeological feature on Lot 5 of Oak Island
The archaeologists are puzzled by this feature on Oak Island. Pic credit: History

This episode is called Shear Mystery, and the History Channel episode synopsis reads:

“Further investigation has the Fellowship suspecting multiple secretive operations took place on Lot 5, possibly related to the Garden Shaft.”

Also, on tonight’s episode, Gary will be teaming up with Peter Fornetti to do some treasure/artifact hunting, and as is becoming the norm, they’ve found something really old.

Blacksmith expert Carmen Legge is returning tonight to give his opinion on Gary’s latest finds, and we can always expect his analysis to be intelligent and fascinating.

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History.

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4 months ago

I enjoy and look forward to reading your well laid and detailed posts of each current episode, of the Curse of Oak Island, since i am not a subscribed to the History Channel.