The Curse of Oak Island preview: The team follows a tunnel from the Garden Shaft to the Baby Blob

Rick Lagina smiling on Oak Island
Rick Lagina and the Oak Island team have begun Season 11 with renewed determination. Pic credit: History

This week on The Curse of Oak Island, the team is hunting for a tunnel they suspect runs from the Garden Shaft into the Baby Blob and will lead them to an offset chamber revealing untold treasures.

The guys have really hit the ground running with Season 11, and on last week’s premiere, they uncovered multiple ancient coins on Lot 5. Some of these artifacts were Roman in origin, while others were medieval.

They also found wood and soft earth near the Garden Shaft at 97.5 feet, which suggests they’ve relocated the possible void/tunnel they encountered at the end of last season.

The guys hope this is either an offset chamber or a tunnel that leads away from the Garden Shaft to the real location of the buried treasure.

Remember this feature is in the Baby Blob area, where water buried beneath tested extremely high for precious metals.

On tonight’s episode, viewers can expect to see the team continuing to chase this tunnel or void toward, hopefully, the treasure.

Computer generated image of a tunnel in the baby blob
Possible location of a tunnel running from Garden Shaft to Baby Blob. Pic credit: History

In the meantime, we can also expect to see more artifacts uncovered and analyzed on Lot 5.

Will the Oak Island team find Sir William Phipps’ treasure?

The archaeologists have been carefully analyzing the latest batch of artifacts to work out their exact origins. This week, the team is expected to find more artifacts linked to 17th-century treasure hunter William Phipps.

Sir William Phipps (sometimes written as Phips) was a colonial governor in New England during the 17th century who was tasked by his English bosses with recovering treasure from a sunken Spanish galleon.

Coins found on Lot 5
Some of the coins found on Lot 5. Pic credit: History

Phipps launched an expedition to the Caribbean in the 1680s and successfully retrieved a large amount of silver from the Concepcion, which had sunk in 1641. In England, he was rewarded for his efforts with a knighthood.

He was subsequently sent back to the Concepcion to find more treasure but had limited success. However, an Oak Island theory suggests Phipps may have found another sizable treasure but decided to secretly tuck it away on Oak Island in a Money Pit.

Could this be the treasure the guys are seeking?

The History Channel episode synopsis confirms the above reading:

“The team continues to chase a tunnel that may run directly below the Garden Shaft and into the Baby Blob where tests revealed high traces of silver and gold. Artifacts discovered on Lot 5 suggest a strong connection to the privateer Sir William Phipps, salvager of the famed Spanish galleon, the Concepcion.”

We have also learned a bit more about what to expect for the rest of Season 11.

Once the Dumas Mining Company returns to the island, we’ll see the guys getting down and dirty as they don hard hats and venture further into the Garden Shaft.

Results of Muon tomography to be revealed on Oak Island

Viewers can also look forward to the results of the muon technology, which are set to be revealed.

Muon tomography was first mentioned at the end of Season 9 and was explained by calling it a medical X-ray for the island.

Large detectors were buried in boreholes across the island, where they would spend months collecting data on voids, caverns, and tunnels throughout the island. The technology has previously been successfully deployed in the pyramids at Giza, Egypt.

Computer generated image of Muon technology
Muon tomography detectors use X-rays to locate tunnels and chambers. Pic credit: History

At the time, we were told the data should be ready in 7 to 8 months. However, Season 10 passed by without a word. But now, it seems we’ll all learn what happened within the next few episodes.

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History.

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Chris Kinkade
Chris Kinkade
8 months ago

Can’t wait for Tuesdays!