The Curse of Oak Island preview: Drilling begins for gold deposit, and there’s a mystery structure on Lot 5

A close up shot of Miriam Amirault on Oak Island
Archaeologist Miria Amirault found an artifact that Rick Lagina’s been looking for. Pic credit: History

On this week’s episode of The Curse of Oak Island, the team begins drilling for the gold in the water at the Money Pit, and there’s more evidence of a secret human-made structure on Lot 5.

Last week, the Fellowship was overwhelmed to learn that geoscientist Ian Spooner and his colleagues had pinpointed the location of a large cache of gold in the Money Pit.

Ian has been pulling up water samples for over a year that have registered trace amounts of gold and silver. Now, he claims to have the source of the gold.

The gold is located a few feet to the west of the garden shaft at a depth of between 80 and 120 feet, in an area marked on Ian’s map by a big pink blob.

On tonight’s episode, the borehole drill team will be hitting that exact spot. It feels like the team has never been so close to finding the true Money Pit and the treasure.

But the Fellowship are refusing to put all their eggs in one basket this season, so there’s lots of other stuff happening tonight.

Mysterious hidden structure found on Oak Island’s Lot 5

The archaeologists have been happily exploring a new stone structure found on Lot 5. This mysterious stone foundation appears to have been purposefully buried and contains lots of English tin-glazed pottery.

We have no idea what it all means yet, but even the usually reserved Laird Niven is super excited about the find. In a preview, fellow archaeologist Miriam Amirault found an artifact that has her saying to Rick Lagina, “Oh my God, Rick. You’ve been looking for this for a long time.”

Artifact found on Lot 5 of Oak Island
Miriam Amirault says this artifact is something Rick Lagina has been looking for for a long time. Pic credit: History

Also, tonight, we’ll be seeing another area of exploration opening up, this time on Lot 26. And they may have found further evidence of Templar Knights.

Oak Island also team explore Lot 26 and look for Templar Knights

Lot 26 has provided the guys with some interesting finds in the past, including a suspected Roman javelin. At one time, the lot was home to 18th-century privateer Captain James Anderson, and later, it was owned by Samuel Ball, who some suspect found the treasure.

In a clip, Marty Lagina stated, “Lot 26 has always been mysterious,” and it looks like his opinion is unlikely to change as they uncover something mysterious.

This may be connected to the return to the island of Oak Island theorist Corjan Mol. The Templar theory advocate can be overheard stating, “that is the mark for the masons of the Templar Knights.” It’s unclear where they found this mark, but it’s like a stone or boulder, perhaps on Lot 26.

The History Channel episode synopsis for this evening’s episode reads:

“While the team uncovers more evidence suggesting the mysterious man-made stone foundation on Lot 5 was purposefully hidden, the Fellowship is zeroing in on the gold in the Money Pit.”

The Curse of Oak Island airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on History.

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B follett
B follett
1 year ago

I am on pins and needles for you

1 year ago

I’ve been following for only a few years now, 4? I love this show!! It’s so exciting. I love the Lagina brothers and the family they’ve created during all of the filming. I’m a similar age to Rick. I remember reading the Reader’s Digest too, but never saw that article. So very very excited and happy for the Brothers and all involved…However WHEN it’s found, then what will I have to watch each week?? Also like Skinwalker ranch but that is a bit scary. Haven’t seen that for awhile either come to think of it.