The Curse of Oak Island preview: A stone roadway leads from the swamp out to sea

Alex Lagina and Ian Spooner search the ocean
Alex Lagina and Dr. Ian Spooner take the search for treasure out to sea. Pic credit: History

This week on The Curse of Oak Island, the guys are heading out to sea to explore a stone roadway that they found in the swamp.

The guys have expected for some time that the swamp could be the remains of an ancient harbor, and it seems that this week they find evidence that a roadway or a lengthy pier is stretching out to sea from the swamp. If true, that would make it easy to unload treasure and artifacts from ships onto the island.

We’ve just had two very theory-heavy episodes, which teased us with theories about ancient Christian relics buried on the island and centuries-old stone markers pointing the way to the Money Pit. This week, we can expect a little more theory, but we’re also going to get some good old-fashioned exploration.

Last week, archaeologist Erin Helton gave the guys two sets of coordinates and told them to go look for stone markers at the two points. And the guys actually found two rocks exactly where she said they’d be! Erin returns this week, and fingers crossed she has more info for the guys.

Oak Island team has another crucial find in the swamp

The History Channel’s description suggests that the team might get a little wet this week. They are searching for a stone roadway in the swamp.

The discovery of an expanding stone roadway under the muck of the swamp sends the team out to sea to investigate exactly how far it reaches.

Is this connected to the paved area that was discovered in the swamp last year? It must be!

The preview does show Rick and Dr.Ian Spooner in a dingy in what looks like the swamp, and we hear Ian exclaiming, “I did not expect to see that,” followed by “Woah!” What on earth has he found?

The preview also shows some of the guys on a slightly larger vessel out at sea where they seem to be closely studying a sonar-like screen. Someone asks, “Is that a cannon?” Perhaps the guys will need to do some underwater excavating soon.

Gary Drayton continues to come up with the goods

Metal detectorist Gary Drayton has played a huge role in every series, but he’s really come into his own this year. Perhaps due to the lack of any major excavations this year, the team is really relying on Gary to come up with solid finds. And so far, he’s not disappointed.

So far this year, he’s found an old coin that an expert thinks must be Chinese, which, following evidence of Spanish, and French influence, added yet another international dimension to the island.

A couple of weeks ago, Gary also found a collection of old ox-shoes, which according to blacksmith expert Carmen Legge were used by the British military during some kind of major operation.

And this week, Carmen is back again, and he’s examining another one of Gary’s finds. In the preview, we hear Carmen say, “[this is] very typical of what they brought over on the ships.” We can’t wait to find out who and what he means.

Gary Drayton has found an artefact
What has Gary Drayton found this week? Pic credit: History

The Curse of Oak Island airs at 9/8c on History.

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